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Another NASA scientist dies, 74 in past two years

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:00 on May 31, 2015  



Posted by newtogold @ 21:47 on May 31, 2015  

Don’t think it was personal. We should get pissed off at the “evil empires” that run this country not fellow Tenters. Left or right means nothing to me. You are either a good person who thinks about others or a bad person out for themselves or their evil cronies. Labels simply confuse the issue or maybe it’s because I’m confused; but, I do know right from wrong and the Golden Rule.

peace is right, newtogold

Posted by aufever @ 21:23 on May 31, 2015  

But I cannot stand it when jerks who cannot read attribute stupid $hit to me, and unnecessarily attack me personally.

and I find this to be ridiculously true

Posted by Buygold @ 21:05 on May 31, 2015  


The nightmare continues because the Euro is getting hit.

Posted by Buygold @ 20:58 on May 31, 2015  

24 hr gold chart


As for the rest, it appears none of us seem to be able to completely escape the left/right, Dem/Repub paradigm. I find that disheartening. Do I think that Buffet and Gates are leftists? – of course I do. Do I believe that Boehner and McConnell embrace them? Of course I do.

Someone explain to me how we escape this travesty. If we watch FOX we are polluted. If we watch CNN and MSNBC we are polluted.

I am exhausted by the stupidity of left/right, two parties of the same ilk. What will we do when are choices are Clinton/Bush? How will we overcome the disaster that either of them hold for our nation?

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 20:40 on May 31, 2015  

The market is open and showing a pulse.  Time for this train to HiBall!


This lends a new meaning to “HiBall”, when we can get
a picture of a high-flying gold train from an even higher
flying drone! The resurrected 611 steaming on it’s
maiden voyage recently.
From the river level, it looks like this:



Posted by newtogold @ 20:26 on May 31, 2015  

What does f.o. stand for? Why so serious? Life’s too short to get worked up. Is it not? Peace to you aufever.

Interesting Fibonacci and Gann 1.618 Golden Ratio confluence

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:52 on May 31, 2015  

dax  Germany may lead the WAY to Change in Prices  as Time is up as Gann would say !

f.o. silverboom

Posted by aufever @ 16:52 on May 31, 2015  

I will respond to your absurd misinterpretation of my short, non-rant, post when I can.

aufever rant

Posted by silverboom @ 16:27 on May 31, 2015  

Forgot point two!!

Fascism is not “the radical right.” It is the utmost radical LEFT. Calling fascism the right is like calling Oblahma a patriot who believes in individual freedom and a small, limited government. You have bought the big lie, my friend. You might want to do some reading of history and perhaps a dictionary.


In fact, Oblahma is a fine living example of fascist desires and intent.


My PC has crashed 3 times trying to present this….FWIW…..

Posted by silverngold @ 12:39 on May 31, 2015  

Its easy to fix Medical Costs

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:57 on May 31, 2015  

get rid of Insurance and the middle man …You’ll see how fast prices drop when Hospitals need to negotiate with individuals for payment, same with Doctors… It will work I’ve been around since before “insurence”..
THe mentality is now We will get what you can afford AND what insurance will pay ..Prices rise to meet the available income …reverse that ! Some insurers add 30 % to the cost of medical care without doing anything except distributing money ..! Get rid of them..keep the Doctors !

TOO MUCH of EVERYTHING ( I guess its going to happin anyway,no need to Rant )

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:46 on May 31, 2015  

Gubberment,Politics,Poverty,Banking..I suspect the cure will occur in September with a Market crash that will wring out the excesses ,followed by a collapse or devaluation of the Dollar Followed by a Spectacular rise in Gold that will scare the Hell out of the Greedy Bankers and manipulators and they will get what should have been done in the first place ..A Shrinkage of the Banking system,its TOO ..TOO …BIG ,,,dosent exist to make LOANS anymore which makes it useless and a burden on the economy instead of a facilitator of liquidity for real products and creates too much emphasis on Financial solutions when the problems are otherwise causing the FED to make absurd decisions to maintain its size at the expense of productivity in real goods and useful services .A collapse of the Political system is long overdue ,corruption is its hallmark everywhere you look.A political storm that will sweep away the DEAD wood and put the idea back in the lexicon that productive people are more valuable than TALKERS ,Politicians ,Media types and snake oil salesmen.
Manufacturing needs to regain its rightful place to give real people real jobs and not make them Dependants on Politics for their livelihood.Repudiate the debt since it was created from immoral practices and corrupt policies favoring indebtedness over savings to satisfy an insatiable desire to live off of other peoples labor via usury .
The scheming money lenders bankrupted the Mortgage industry ,the Students future is bleak as they are bankrupt before they even get a job .No one should be responsible for debts they were coerced and duped into taking on because they had no other choice or were too young to understand.Repudiation while seemingly a violation of a moral obligation to repay debts is not immoral under circumstances existing today.Service in the Military can be an alternative to debt payment for them,it will also give them some backbone and maturity.The Bankster money Lenders need a lesson they wont soon forget ..theres no such thing as free lunch or living off the sweat of another mans brow as they used to say.Usury has come back from the dead and needs a Silver Stake driven through its heart. “I wont pay !” for debts created by scheming usurious lenders its time has come.
Limit the SIZE Banks can get to so they dont get too big to fail..including mergers ..Cut the number of Banks in Half ,repudiate usurious loans ,get Banks out of Wall St gambling ..via Glass Steagle laws.. then remove the free lunch crowd from power.
The situation is untenable ..Either fix it via collapse or it will get fixed by Strong man dictator ..but it will get fixed !

If Media dosent keep Racism alive ..its all over for them and the Democrats

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:00 on May 31, 2015  

thats why they hire and promote conservative journalists to come to the rescue from attacks on Ben Carson.
He,s USEFULL to them ..if they can stampede whites into coming to his rescue for the underdog conservative ..they KEEP RACISM alive as an issue for Democrats and Liberals ..Thats what they want out of this !
He’s usefull to them…. its all about keeping RACISM ALIVE in POLITICS.
If Carson gets elected they WIN the Racism CARD….They are using HIM…

ANother Liberal sneak despicable tactic

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:22 on May 31, 2015  

They think that White folks will Rally round a Conservative Black ..if Liberals attack him just because he’s black.
Yes Dr Carson is a decent guy ..but they think they can fool whites into electing another black just because he’s conservative when they know nothing else about him ? Is that going to be the choice ? A communist black replaced by a conservative black ? just so hes.black…Isnt that Racism…? The Liberal communist party will accept the next best thing in their repertoire ..if we cant get a communist black then we’ll settle for a conservative black ?
Thats Racism at its worst !
Heres another media publication
“Despicable Fool Smears Dr. Ben Carson
March 27, 2013


RUSH: I saw something. I don’t have the audio on it because I have instituted a ban on anything that happens on MSNBC, and I’m not lifting the ban even for this. But when I saw this last night, I have to tell you I just got viscerally sad. I became depressed and I didn’t try to disguise it. I just… It was a feeling of utter frustration at what is happening in our country, particularly culturally. There is a personality on MSNBC whose name is Toure. He’s black, and he is a young fool.

He is a classic example of somebody who is dangerous precisely because of what he thinks he knows that isn’t right, and he took it upon himself to try to destroy Dr. Ben Carson. He did it in a vile, almost uncivilized manner. The things that he said about Ben Carson were just filthy. They were despicable. It was worse than calling him an Uncle Tom. What depressed me was that Toure — this young fool Toure — doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation with Ben Carson. This Toure could live a thousand years; he’ll never be anywhere near what Ben Carson is.

And he doesn’t get called on any of this trash that he talks.


RUSH: No, I’m not going to play any of the audio from this Toure person on MSNBC. His name is Toure Neblett. He’s one of these guys that goes by the first name Toure, and he’s just a young fool. An arrogant, condescending young fool. And, of course, he’s afraid of Ben Carson.

Now, we talked about this last week. The Democrats and the Drive-By Media do not have anything on Ben Carson yet. They got nothing on him. He’s stellar. He is an ideal citizen. He’s a wonderful human being. He performs surgery on the brains of babies. He saves lives. He has, as you all know now, an up-from-nothing story from Detroit, which is inspirational in every way the Democrat Party does not want African Americans to hear, and that’s why Ben Carson is a threat. Ben Carson shows another way. He illustrates a route to success, productivity, contentment, citizenship that African Americans are told is not possible in this racist slave state known as the United States.”

Its a dispicable liberal trick to elect another black by attacking a conservative black ….hoping the public will RALLY round the underdog ! WE know nothing about Dr Carson except he appeared to be a good DR.
Rand Paul is a good DR why not him ? He knows a lot more about whats wrong in America and economics without the RACISM anchor around his neck.Besides he’s got his Father for economic advice if he wants it !
Its just another trick trumped up by the Media .. I want no Part of it ! JUST Racism bull crap..Time to get rid of it. If the Media thought Ben Carson was so Great why didnt they promote him the First time instead of that Communist ?
Its a SCHEMING dispicable plot to keep RACISM alive …Time to bury it forever !

Aufever re your 19:01

Posted by silverboom @ 23:57 on May 30, 2015  

No doubt the republicraps are as bad as the democraps. Yet two corrections.

One, corporations and banks are NOT led by and large by people on the “right” – the majority are lib progressives through and through. Who do you think the banks send most of their political buying money to? What kind of a progressive do you think Bill Gates and his ilk are? Don’t buy the MSM crap about business leaders being in the pocket of the right. And it was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that has worked tirelessly with the left to torpedo our freedoms.

Just sayin’…

MSNBC pundit Michelle Bernard

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:28 on May 30, 2015  

Wants to Lynch Dr Ben Carson as most Democraps do …WHY ? its very simple…He makes THEM look bad ..or so thats their excuse..in reality they make themselves look bad. Democrats running around with ROPES looking for Black Conservatives to LYNCH ..isnt that a new low for Democrats ? Probably not ..they will descend to the depths of hell before they let blacks be successful .. THe blacks wont need crappy Democraps hand out crumbs anymore ..thats real freedom.! Oblabla has sealed the Dems future they are the party of Modern day Slavery who will Lynch any Black successful conservative .No need to rally around any black causes anymore ..The blacks are stuck with the Democrats and only they can decide to keep or abandon the Democrats hypocracy ..Its their decision ,but creating Black Lynch mobs to lynch conservative blacks is not going to work.The Democraps have gone too far this time. Keep up the “good” work Michele Bernard but theres a “no hope for rope” in yur future ..
Carson hasent got a chance now..too bad he wasn’t there before Oblabla .The Nation has had enough of this crap ..get over it ! Put a fork in it…

Aufever and Old -Timer

Posted by Buygold @ 21:37 on May 30, 2015  

Agree completely. At least with the left we know what’s coming, with the right they are wolves I sheep’s clothing. The right claims to be pro constitution, libertarian bent, anti-tax, anti big government, IMHO Republicrats are worse because they lie. I spent most of my life voting Republctat and they failed me for years.

Left and right are a lie, used to divide us. Both owned by the same big money interests, the war machine, Wall Street,  globalists etc.

If anyone still buys into the Dems bad, Repubs good paradigm, they are hopelessly lost.

kissy kissy

A few solutions

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:46 on May 30, 2015  

only men over 40 could engage in war. If the other side used men under 40, nuke them. All elected officials would receive nothing after leaving office that was acquired from tax revenue. Every single person receiving a check from tax revenue would be assigned a 40 hour work week and be drug tested.

unlicensed pharmacist (drug dealers) would stand in front of a firing squad manned by family members of their customers. Pimps would stand before the people they enslaved. Employers of illegal aliens would have all their assets liquidated and convicted of a felony.

political influence pedaling would be a felony. The officers an board of directors of institutions that rig markets should spend time in the general population in Levenworth.

taxes should be on consumption so everybody pays.

veterans should get better treatment than stray dogs.

thanks old-timer

Posted by aufever @ 19:01 on May 30, 2015  

I get so tired of virtually every rant here blaming all the problems on some imaginary “left”.  Yes, the ‘left’ has turned to socialism and wants to control everyone’s life in many ways.  But the ‘right’ is just as bad, and is in control of the banks, the corporations, and, really, the governments.  What I see happening is more like Fascism than Socialism, and isn’t Fascism considered the radical ‘right’?  Really, to me, we need to get away from terms of “left” and “right”, and just address the problems as they exist.  With solutions.

@ Scruffy @ 9:19 on May 30, 2015

Posted by old-timer @ 17:01 on May 30, 2015  

Thanks for that!

I might add that IMO, it’s not just the ‘left’ but the ‘right’ that have worked in collusion to bring about the current state.

This example of the last vote on the patriot act shows predominant favor by the right.

Link:   http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/24/senate-rejects-patriot-act-see-who-voted/

The system is broken.

The “R’s” and the “D’s” – they all dance to the same tune played by big money.

“Free Trade” is their anthem now, and if the past is any proof, the only thing free will be the ride given to the privileged.

Back to tending my garden…

Incredible bird dancing to Another one bites the dust.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:12 on May 30, 2015  

Scruffy @ 9:19-No Need to Apologise-Time for being nice is Over

Posted by Auandag @ 13:54 on May 30, 2015  

HAARP aiming for Texas and Oklahoma

Posted by Moggy @ 13:34 on May 30, 2015  


A large area of the Central/Southern United States has been under a red alert for weeks now and it seems as if the flooding in Oklahoma and Texas is a direct cause of it.  Tornadoes have also formed, however given it is tornado season this is pretty normal for this area … the flooding … IS NOT.

Flooding has killed many people in Texas and Oklahoma and while it may seem we have a break, the HAARP Status Network is saying we are not going to see a break for very long.  Current projections do not show flooding for the state, weather-wise … in the forecasts.  So this is going to be interesting on exactly what the network is seeing and if this can prove that geo-engineering is indeed happening.

A pink status alert means that the highest levels of frequency is being reported across the said area.

Check the link to see the map:


Outcomes?  It’s possible side-effects from this will show up in California as well.  This is pretty interesting as the California areas are now in orange alert, one away from the red alert.   California is due for a quake and this side-effect could give a larger one in the area if it keeps up.

– See more at: http://www.haarpstatusnetwork.com/2015/05/28/highest-haarp-alert-issued-for-united-states/#sthash.B4d3jK1b.dpuf

Gary Null on Vaccines

Posted by silverngold @ 13:05 on May 30, 2015  

Listen to this cloud presentation by Gary Null which exposes how vaccines makers are manipulating the vaccine data. All false info to further their vaccine agenda which Gary exposes. If you’re on the fence, better get educated!!


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