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Posted by goldielocks @ 14:54 on June 10, 2015  

I’m not totally against vaccines per say but the saftey involved. Have you see the pictures after pictures of happy heathy children now dead or brain or Neuro damaged minutes to days after getting a vaccine?

The point is are these gov officials qualified or ENTITLED to make medical decisions on you or other children they don’t even know without their parents consent? Do you believe with all you know that what ever they do they will have you or your children’s best interest at hand or the kickbacks theyll get for mandating it?  History of what they tried out on citizens show different. It’s just any other attack freedon of choice selling your rights away.

If they were so safe why did they lobby behind closed doors  and who knows what money was exchanges to make them immune to law suits in the US. The once great US. Perry was forced to back down for that reason in Texas and said well it was just a little  money he was getting for the pharmas pushing it.

Seems to me Gov mandates plus no accountability is a real bad mixture or anything that threatens freedom of choice for that matter. There will never be enough with these people. They are only concerned for themselves and are apathetic to the rights or suffering of anyone else it will never stop till they’re  stopped, then as you know they’ll try something else.

How can you address saftey if they don’t have to worry about it and leave you no choice. It’s propaganda. I think some of these people all for mandated vaccines with the oxymoron making their vaccinated kids safe from catching something makes them feel special or superior over another.

You must take medicine so they don’t get sick and what’s worse their supposed to be immune from would in WW11 be the same kind of people separating the Jews and worse on innocent children.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.