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Posted by silverngold @ 23:54 on June 8, 2015  

Prescott Arizona Congressman & Constituents Block ATF Ammo Ban

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More and more local government officials and patriots are taking the initiative to block federal legislation that removes civil rights. It’s great to see.

This is a perfect illustration of how THE PEOPLE who are paying attention can influence their government representatives. If no one is paying attention, then obviously this will not happen. The onus us on the citizens of every town in every state to tell their representatives what they want.  That is how the system was designed to work.

Congratulations to Congressman Paul Gosar and the people of Prescott, Arizona—a true wild west town.  ~ BP

From a newsletter from the office of Congressman Paul Gosar…


Dear Friend,

This week, I continued my efforts to push back against the anti-gun policies of the Obama Administration by successfully blocking an unjustified ATF ammo ban. But I can’t take the credit for this accomplishment. The idea behind my legislation was inspired by a group of citizens from Prescott, AZ who brought this issue to my attention. Their vigilance of liberty was affirmed by the House of Representatives which used the “power of the purse” to defeat one of ATF’s backdoor gun-control measures. This is how “We the People” is supposed to work and the country has some good folks in Prescott to thank for this victory. To learn more about the successfully passed amendment and the Prescott citizens behind it, click HERE.


In recent years, the Department of Justice has instructed U.S. Attorney’s Offices in some states not to prosecute persons that violate certain criminal immigration laws and to terminate worthwhile enforcement programs like Operation Streamline. I have heard firsthand from local law enforcement in Yuma, Arizona that such actions have placed unnecessary burdens on these officers, increased costs, put local communities at risk and encouraged more illegal immigration. In order to change the rampant culture of corruption within this rogue agency, I cut funds and increased oversight for DOJ employees who have failed to enforce our immigration laws. I am a firm believer in proper oversight of the federal government and there is no question that more oversight is needed at DOJ. I will continue to send a message through House appropriations bills that failure to enforce the laws on the books will result in serious financial consequences. Click HERE to read learn more about how I’m keeping up the fight to stop Obama’s amnesty.

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