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HAARP: Hurricane Blanca Is Being Geo-engineered; Earthquake Impacts

Posted by silverngold @ 16:12 on June 6, 2015  


Arizona had its fair share of activity over the last 24 hours due to moisture from former Major Hurricane Andres, but Major Hurricane Blanca is coming to the region to bring even more, possibly flooding rains to the Southwestern United States and it is a rare one along with seismic unrest.

The rare pattern is a once or twice in a lifetime event to have two major hurricanes before the season even starts down there in the Pacific.  This type of pattern will be favorable for the Southwest to receive those flooding rains from it and this is being geo-engineered.

The HAARP Status Network maps are clearly showing a large area of the Western United States from Yellowstone to Mexico being affected by high levels of frequency reports.  This was in the Southern United States last month and caused flooding in Texas, predicted a whole 14 days before.  This residual frequency is what is causing the seismic activity as well, with rare areas like Kansas receiving earthquakes.  Yellowstone also will have seismic unrest due to the residual from the high frequencies from both the Texas/Oklahoma pink alert and the current red alert in the Western USA.

The areas to watch for seismic impacts from this frequency will be the Southwestern United States, including Mexico and Baja Mexico.  A moderate or large earthquake may hit within the next 14 days.

Those in the Southwestern United States and the Rocky Mountain state areas will need to continue to monitor the coming pattern with us.

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