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re Velocity of Money Chart

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:08 on June 5, 2015  

I see it shows a peak in 1980, probably the last decent year of American prosperity, and the drop after 1980 coincides with the aggressive start of globalization, lower living standards, wages of tax payers, falling behind inflation rates. Public and gov’t jobs, were the best place to be employed after that year.

I remember my early married life, many wives went into the work force, comingled with opposite sex coworkers, and soon after that, there was a tidal wave of divorces, and single mom households in all the apartments on my street after 1975. All my kids friends had only a mom.

re part of 1757…”What restored the economy after the 30′s was the restoration of CREDIT…”
In reality, what restored the economy, was the start of the base standard minimum livable and taxable wage law. $1/hr I think it was, and it was enough to live on without wife working.

Without the above law, credit could not be extended. TPTB (bankers) probably wanted to make sure they could issue loans and get paid back.

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