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Posted by Ororeef @ 17:57 on June 5, 2015  

without the cash economy there is nothing left….Velocity of exchange of money will go to zero ..
A depression far worse then the thirties will result.
What restored the economy after the 30’s was the restoration of CREDIT…
this time itl be th restoration of cash economy.
until then barter …leaving out the parasitic taxes is the only way out.

IN NY STATE they figured it out ..after many years of taxing and Unionizing everything the Producers moved out…..NOW they offer 10 years ..NO TAXES to come back….and ZERO TAXES for manufacturers….

When its too late and they killed the golden manufacturing goose and there nothing left to TAX they say please come back ! I manufactured in both NY and NJ and I will never go back …They cause the whole Garment manufacturing to leave ..500,000 jobs in NY alone ! Those blue collar jobs were dissed and denegrated and everyone was told “we are a “SERVICE” economy now !
WEll they got serviced alright ..like a farmer gets his cow serviced !
Go back ? not in my lifetime ! Its a pity because its the only work women over 25 could do then that was respectable ..I had many 40-60 year olds working for me ,some barely could speak english ,many Cubans in the 60’s refugees from communist Castro lots of widows …Where would these people find work now ? I’v been asked by some very intelligent people if I would ever go back in business in NJ…when the got my answer they left the country for Central America understanding that those that were in a similar circumstance felt the same..They decided the bottom was coming and they took their money and familys to Costa Rica…
I was the only non-union manufacturing business in NJ employing more than 150 people…

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