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Mr Copper RE: “Watch the newspapers and look for stories about corrupt gov’t and private officials getting caught.”

Posted by drb2 @ 23:39 on February 11, 2015  

Sorry Mr. Copper, I agree with you on lot of things, but this one…. can’t do.

They may be getting caught….but “THEY” certainly are not doing time behind bars.

the bigwigs skate.  the fine they pay is a cost of doing business.

the regulators go work for them….. after their gov’t pensions are secure.

Buygold @ 21:39 re they are in complete control because of the stupid sheep.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:35 on February 11, 2015  

You are right. Because of the stupid people, TPTB got away with robbing the entire USA. Unfortunately for TPTB there is nothing left for them to take. TPTB were forced to give no doc liar loans to poor people so they could buy a house.

People that would never be able to rent a home. Because of credit checks one month down and one month security. TPTB are lately giving sub prime loans to car buyers, that don’t have enough cash to buy a used car. When broke, they HAVE to buy or lease new with practically nothing down.

TPTB were forced to drop the dollar from 120 to 85 area to HELP the USA. They NEED a healthy wealthy and dumb USA. 🙂 Everything is in reverse. Including TPTB. Watch the newspapers and look for stories about corrupt gov’t and private officials getting caught. One by one. Ever since Bernie Maddoff. The first one.

Most of what everybody knows is pretty much old news. When USA was topping in 1970, nobody knew it. When USA was bottoming in spring 2009, nobody knew it.

Its on us! Yeah sure it is! Like he gives a damn!

Posted by Auandag @ 22:10 on February 11, 2015  

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 21:39 on February 11, 2015  

I’m with Maya. 9/11 was a big part of the NWO plans and it was successful as hell.

The NWO isn’t sweating anything, they are in complete control because of the stupid sheep.

What planet have you been living on for the last 20 years?

@Maya re 18:46 & 19:07

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:27 on February 11, 2015  

Do you really believe 9/11 was NOT a setback to the NWO plans? I believe the “worlders” have been trying to create a “world that lives as one” since the 1960s. “With no one country to live or die for, and no religion too”.

Well in my view its all going opposite for the “dreamers”. Greece might drop out of the Euro, and Spain and Portugal might follow if that happens. TPTB have a global reserve currency that is very unstable, causing some countries to talk about using different currencies.

Their are way too many over paid tax absorbers employed in US Fed, state, county, town, and village gov’ts. Too many private businesses getting taxpayer support. Corporate welfare. At the same time, tax payers are in general under paid, not paying much in taxes, and many of them are on gov’t assistance.

The negative cash flow in taxes since ’71 has run up big budget deficits that could screw up their Dollar. By the way there was another building I think #7 of the same construction. It caught fire and collapsed the same way as #1 & 2.

I think TPTB have sweat on their upper lips. Weaving and bobbing. Way too many problems popping up on them. And they are too stubborn and proud to admit they made a lot of bad decisions.

Maddog – Really???

Posted by Buygold @ 21:23 on February 11, 2015  

9/11 happened alright, just like they said. Seriously?

What makes us look like kooks is believing gold will ever be the basis of a currency system again.

C’mon man!

I learned everything I needed to know by the Time I was 8

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:28 on February 11, 2015  

I tried smoking ,it made me sick..I didn’t do it again….I was an Alter boy in church and one day my Aunt asked me what does the Priest do back in the Rectory..I replied he drinks some wine ..She was satisified with that.Then she asked does he ever touch you ? I said no !  She said what would you do if he did ? I said I would punch him in his fat belly She smiled and asked no more ! That was 1946 .I remember it like it was yesterday I k new what she meant !   I served at MASS on Sundays and at weddings after the 1Pm Mass sometimes as many as 4 weddings a day until the Priest asked if the Best Man gave me money for the Church,I said yes and handed him the envelope .Then he told me to empty out my pockets and tried to take my bus fare home stating that any tips belonged to the Church ..I protested and said my mother gave me the bus fare and expected me home by 5pm . He was treating me like a thief  and told him this was my last service to the Church “find yourself another boy ” I said ! ..   I earned my own spending money by collecting soda bottles for the deposit and newspapers to bring to the Junk yard on Saturdays…I worked every day after school cleaning & sweeping up in my fathers sewing factory .

I bought my own clothes and was earning $30.00 per week…..My mother told me I had to pay board 14$ per week ,so I negotiated if I had to do that I wasent going to wash dishes any more or put out the trash ..My sister and brother could do that  …They wern’t paying board…She didn’t object…

I traveled by bus to the movies and even went to the NEXT city,NEWARK NJ  to the movies and to the Wequaick Park on Sundays to watch the Trotters practice running..

and sometimes to the Twin Citys or Dreamland Rollar skating Rink in Newark NJ.   by myself to meet my friends there.

I had my own money and managed it ….I went to Elizabeth Port  to the only swimming pool (DOWDS POOL) in the city a trip of about 5 miles .It was not unusual for me to go 10 -15  miles from my house by myself  before I was 9….I earned my own money and didn’t take any crap from anybody…I never missed a days work or complained .I was 8…

Stick a fork in it, We are done

Posted by Auandag @ 20:27 on February 11, 2015  

The latest polls show that the vast majority of people believe that vaccines should be mandatory, that Putin is responsible for all the trouble in the Ukraine and 911 truthers are insane and should all be locked up. There are 22 suicides in the US military every day and millions of children sacrificed on the alter of pleasure and money every year through abortion, but all most people care about is madonna’s butt crack.

Eeos 19:17

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:19 on February 11, 2015  

Yep that was very strange esp if you compare it to similar dwelling that were hit bombed or had fires. That and unlike otherr high rise structural fires where people dwelled a lot of people didn’t show up for work that day. Of 50k people less than 3000 ” too much ” perished and that included fire fighters who wouldn’t of been there. Then the only area of the pentagon that got hit happened to have the information of trillions of missing money and then some mention by Armstrong of information gone from tower 7 as well.

Folks 9/11 happened

Posted by Maddog @ 19:53 on February 11, 2015  

Putin is not going to release any pictures, because they don’t exist.

Getting us discussing that Dick Cheney etc ran 9/11 just makes us look like kooks, which in turn discredits mkt manipulation etc.

okay okay it was a PANCAKE COLLAPSE PEOPLE!!!

Posted by eeos @ 19:17 on February 11, 2015  

Surely pancake

not a pancake

the NTSB report and Popular Science put my mind at ease…..pffffff!!!!! Yep buildings collapse like this.

this is a big load of manure people.

and we all know steel’s pesky habit of collecting dust on vertical surfaces on the vertical core members of buildings. And those pesky steel beams that magically turn to dust in front of your eyes….pffff!

dust to dust


I worked in an office with over 100 licensed architects on 9/11, and not a peep about what we all thought we saw that day on TV at the office. A few years later, people started wondering though

Mr. Copper

Posted by Maya @ 19:07 on February 11, 2015  

9/11 was NOT a setback to the NWO plans.  It was an integral part of the plan forward.  It disposed of some inconvenient financial evidence and provided the basis for the establishment of the growing ‘security state’ and government guided economic stimulus.   It brought us the TSA, and the excuse for the war in Iraq.   Without the stimulus of 9/11 we would have been in a depression very soon after.

9/11 was no accident.

Posted by Maya @ 18:46 on February 11, 2015  

Gov’t ‘black ops’ types were deeply involved in “Make it happen/Let it happen” in that day’s events.  I remember watching the replays of the towers coming down on CNBC that morning.   I went to the bathroom and got the dry heaves.

At first I bought the official PR line.  But some months later, the engineer in me took over and began to research just what temperatures jet fuel burns at… and steel ‘softens’ at.  It didn’t add up.  The nagging engineering question was:  “Why didn’t the towers collapse immediately after the plane strikes?”

Then it was: “Why didn’t a partial collapse occur?  Why did it go all the way top down to the ground?”  The lower floors are the most heavily reinforced to support the tower.  With the tower above gone, there is no good engineering reason for the lower floors to collapse.

When I faced the horror that this ‘might’ be an inside job, I began to dig deeper… and got sicker.  I won’t attempt to list all the links and sources I used over the years.  But some of the items I learned were:

*- The WTC towers had a flaw with corrosion happening at the aluminum skin/steel frame interface.  They would have been structurally condemned soon.   (This became a convenient disposal idea.)

*- Bush family member was involved in contracting maintenance on the building in the year before.  Many floors and areas were not occupied, and contractors (possibly Israeli Mossad types) were able to bring in ‘construction supplies’ and wire the framework with thermite and detonators well in advance.

*- “Lucky Larry” Silverstein knew of the plans, carried double-indemnity insurance on the buildings, and was assured he would be able to re-develop the site afterwards.  Lucky Larry, who said “Pull It” in response to reports of a fire at WTC 7 and it may be structurally unsound.

*- Many troubling financial bonds were kept in the brokerage offices on the 100th floor of the tower.  More troubling records in WTC 7.  All ‘conveniently’ vaporized.   The pentagon accounting office areas were chosen for the same reason and targeted.

*- It was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon.  The day before, someone on the pentagon grounds with a lime spreader on the grass made a long white line for guidance directly into the target wall.  The American Airlines jet was diverted to a military base and landed.  The pilot was an ex-military black ops type.  It is assumed the passengers were offloaded and ‘disappeared’.  Months later, a jet with the same airframe serial number was re-certified and re-registered under a new number for service.

*- The videos of the towers before collapse clearly show thermite-type flares and sparks coming from several floors below the plane strike… just before collapse.   Now the way a demolition expert will ‘cut’ a massive steel support beam is to cut it at an angle so the pieces slide apart under weight and collapse.  See this beam?  Molten steel edges cut at an angle… thermite demolition!


*- There was a red hot molten steel pool at the base of the building pile that persisted for days and days.  Jet fuel doesn’t do that to steel.

*- Dick Cheney was personally in command of NORAD at the time, and actively sending our air defense jets away from the area on ‘exercises’.

*- The all-too-convenient “Patriot Act” was huge and IMMEDIATELY available for passage into law… ushering in the police surveilance and security aparatchik of the government.  (Great economic stimulus, eh?)

The list goes on and on… and it takes a strong stomach.  The realization that these monsters would sacrifice over 3,000 innocent people as ‘collateral damage’ in the way of their nefarious plans is way too much for most people to think about.  It highlights the power that these ‘background people’ wield over the government that we the people only think we have.

With that realization I lowered my public exposure profile and do my best to fly under the radar and anonymously as possible.  Years ago I learned I have a genius-level IQ and photographic memory.  I have been in the military security system… and they still check back on me in my civilian life.  People like me are dangerous to them, and I want nothing to do with them.

Portugeezer @ 16:47

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:24 on February 11, 2015  

re your part…”This might offend your sense of loyalty to your government”.

Note, I have no loyalty to or for the global world gov’t that supersedes the USA. We in the USA don’t have a gov’t of our own. Nobody does when all countries were integrated together in the so0-called G-20.

As for your…”But on 8/11/2001 none of the above had ever happened in the history of aviation and civil construction.”

Note, FYI,
The world trade center another example of new fangled construction, not like 1910 building standards.

Long story but they saved a lot of money and very little steel was used for building that size. It was a hollow shell that depended on the floor boards or joists to hold the sides upright.

A chain only as strong as the weakest link. The whole building NEEDED the floors to exist with a fire. Normal four square constructed buildings don’t collapse with any kind of fire. That’s why all the firemen got fooled. It was NEW FANGLED construction method.

Also the NY train wreck. I put the blame of the ass holes that created a new type third rail in use up there. They changed a 150 year old design that if hit by a car being shoved down the track, would propel the 3rd rail downward.

The new fangled one, has an opposite side leading edge bevel, that propelled the rail UPWARDS into the train car that killed the riders. 400 feet of electrified 3rd rail went into the train car.

The world gov’t got royally screwed by 9/11. And their actions for the past 60 years have been COUNTER productive. Look at the middle east. The number and varied type of enemies is GROWING in spite of EVERYTHING they’ve done in the past. It just keeps getting worse and worse. They can’t win this with past objectives or methods.

You should be happy if you have no loyalty for the Old World Order. They are failing. Too many independence populous movements happening.

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:27 on February 11, 2015  

Agnico Eagle reports fourth quarter and full year 2014 results – Strong operational performance yields record annual production; Initial resource declared at Amaruq


Yamana Gold Announces Formal Decision to Proceed With Cerro Moro


Timmins Gold Corp. Files Technical Report for the Caballo Blanco Project


Portugeezer @ 16:47 & Mr Copper

Posted by silverngold @ 17:00 on February 11, 2015  

I’m totally with Rich on this 911 False Flag Mr Copper. He makes so many good arguments I don’t see how anyone can see it any other way.



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:57 on February 11, 2015  

“That is why Germany and France are talking to Putin without the Bummer’s men.”

IMO that’s a hopeful thing. Perhaps some agreements with substance will happen. If Obama was there he’d think it was all about himself.

Speaks for itself

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:53 on February 11, 2015  

Shocking moment Saudi historian claimed American women drive because they don’t care if they are raped

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2948592/Saudi-Arabian-historian-says-American-foreign-women-drive-rape-no-big-deal-them.html#ixzz3RTZ2V9gb

Another educated view on vaccines

Posted by silverngold @ 16:47 on February 11, 2015  

Another wake up call about the flu vaccine lies

Posted by silverngold @ 16:35 on February 11, 2015  

University of Michigan launches $16,000 Inclusive Language Campaign

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:15 on February 11, 2015  

The University of Michigan hopes its students will stop saying certain words and phrases that could be considered offensive.

“Such as: Illegal alien, ghetto and gypped,” one Fox News anchor said.

Several derogatory words referring to a person’s race or religion are on the list. Certain phrases are also discouraged, like “That test raped me.”

It has launched a $16,000 Inclusive Language Campaign, or ILC.

As noted by the university, “The ILC raises awareness about the power of words, why certain language can be hurtful to others, and how to be more inclusive in how we speak and act as members of the Michigan campus community.”

The College Fix chatted with a university spokesperson who said the program isn’t regulatory, but educational — which is pretty obvious point, considering America’s “freedom of speech” amendment in the Constitution.

Regardless, it seems to be an important move for the university’s image.

One example of some negative press: In October 2013, the university’s chapter of the Theta Xi fraternity made headlines for a planned, then canceled “ratchet” themed party.

Note that ratchet is likely also looked down upon. The College Fix says students frequently hand out posters, some asking: “If you knew that I grew up in poverty, would you still call things ‘ghetto’ and ‘ratchet’?”

It’s not clear how the university financed the $16,000 campaign, but we do know the university has raised tuition rates for the past two consecutive years.

The University of Maryland also started a similar program in 2012.


Comment: People pay money to learn an occupation, and then get taught on how to behave.

Don’t worry folks.

Posted by commish @ 15:53 on February 11, 2015  

eafeac71faEverything is under  control.

re Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:18 on February 11, 2015  

That’s totally ridiculous. Why would TPTB screw themselves? 9/11 screwed them up. Threw them TOTALLY off stride. Airlines went belly up, stock market closed for days. Huge expense cleaning up the mess and rebuilding.

Forced them to drop rates & throw gasoline on the US economy via false real estate boom. Millions saw the planes hit the towers.

PS story by Gordon Duff, author must be an idiot.


Posted by goldcountry @ 12:13 on February 11, 2015  

I don’t for a minute think that Putin is not part of the crowd. Look at how he supports the narrative we’re all supposed to believe about WWII:



Posted by Buygold @ 11:43 on February 11, 2015  

If he does release those images they’d never see the light of day in either US or Euro media.

The question I’d ask is why Putin covered it up for so long. Perhaps because he’s a part of the NWO crowd?

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