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Mr Cooper 22:39

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:47 on February 12, 2015  

That was something. Almost like looking at those combat video games. Makes me wonder why they can’t find those woman they kidnapped even little girls when it happened they are selling into salvery. Once wives sisters and daughters just took them and many would rather kill themselves.

Minimum wage in New York and nationwide

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:47 on February 12, 2015  

“The New York minimum wage has risen from $1.15 an hour in 1962 to $8.75 an hour now, with plans to boost it to $11.50 an hour in New York City and $10.50 an hour in the rest of the state by the end of 2016. The chart below, based on data from the New York State Department of Labor, traces the rise and the proposal.”

Note, most things needed to live today cost 20 times more than 1962.


silverngold @ 18:24

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:33 on February 12, 2015  

The primary problem with this artificial system is, they never adjusted the cost of living increases honestly. On account of that, the $1.25 minimum wage in 1962, is far too low, in the NY area that I know of.

In 1962 the cheapest car you could buy was a VW Beetle, cost about $1,000-$1,200. So, in other words, 1000 times the minimum wage, bought the cheapest car in town…

The cheapest car in town today?? $20,000? Minimum wage should be $20 per hour. Keeping it LOWER than $20, means the tax PAYERS are supporting or subsidizing businesses that pay less. Corporate welfare. They even allow businesses to hire foreigners by having things made overseas and imported.

I knew back in the 1970s the future looked bad for the country as a whole. The artificial low minimum wage also automatically held down all other wages too. Because if the entry level guy made $20, all the skilled folks already making $20 would be under paid and automatically be worth more than the entry level. The skilled people should make at least $40/hr.

I’m certain TPTB know what I know, but they are BUSINESSES that influence or control our elected officials, and there is no motivation for them to do the right thing for the country, the USA.

I think they are starting to realize, keeping wage costs below normal is starting to back fire on them. Its all very simple.

Rick Rule: “We Haven’t Seen Capitulation In Natural Resources Yet”

Posted by silverngold @ 22:19 on February 12, 2015  

Video of police shooting in Pasco WA. Looks plenty wrong

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:07 on February 12, 2015  



Posted by ipso facto @ 21:48 on February 12, 2015  

Who saw the destruction of the Berlin Wall coming? Things can change very fast, in a few days it can be a different world. With all the Black Swans out there how can anyone not have investments in the PMs?

The cretins will fall sometime. I can wait a bit longer.


Silverngold, samb, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 21:25 on February 12, 2015  

I guess the question really is “why not down”?

Unfortunately there’s nothing about the HUI or pm shares that signals we’re going up. Down most always works or at least it has for 3.5 years.

ZH has an article about Russia backing their currency with gold – but why? Allistair MacLeod is mentioned, no help there.


Then they have another article that says CB’s have bought the most gold in 50 years and yet…..we go down. Because the paper killers in NY and London own the pricing mechanism. That never changes, regardless of physical demand. We can buy phyzz all day long here in the states for spot plus a small premium. There is no shortage.

“And as everyone following the physical gold space knows, there are really just two key, outstanding questions:

  1. What is the updated total inventory of Chinese gold holdings (estimated to be somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 or more tonnes), and
  2. Just what is the PBOC waiting for and when will it reveal this number

With global geopolitical events moving ever faster, and with “developed world” central banks increasingly losing control almost on a daily basis, China may have to answer both questions relatively soon.”


Always more questions than answers. ALWAYS.

Drop the G-Damn bomb already or STFU.

We are all equal in the end. Even the 1%.

Posted by commish @ 20:09 on February 12, 2015  

Samb @ 19:26

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:57 on February 12, 2015  

Thanks for your views.

I would hate to be wrong when the economic apple cart gets upset … but I guess you are mostly betting on the big picture anyways.

silverngold @ 19:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:53 on February 12, 2015  

Call me an optimist. :mrgreen:


Posted by Samb @ 19:26 on February 12, 2015  

Last cycle high was in July 2014, and ended weekly @ 1340. This up ended 3 weeks ago @ weekly cycle high of 1295. Lower cycle high.  Line in the sand is the last cycle low of 1170…we are not very far from that right now. Not betting on the bearish camp that says $Gold @ 1000 or 900. Am betting that we are in an Int. down cycle right now and puts are the right place to be right now …and for many weeks to come. ETF’s 3x up or down don’t attract me. So, if one doesn’t want to sell auto parts or mining stocks at these low prices you can still have some fun AND MAKE MONEY by buying puts in $gold, gld, $silver, or slv or gdx, gdxj,etc. Not so  terrible to make 3x on your money while others debate the final low.

ipso facto @ 18:55……Workfarms??

Posted by silverngold @ 19:18 on February 12, 2015  

If you had said wormfarms, as in compost, I’d have agreed. They gotta do something with all the people that go into the FEMA camps via their one way door policy. Worms would do the trick!!    Silverngold

Samb @ 18:48 Thanks for the response and advice, but……

Posted by silverngold @ 19:14 on February 12, 2015  

……I’m still pretty  suspicious that we are being held in a tight range that will eventually break out via a currency reset, and anyone that is out will not be able to participate. I still see gold at $2300 on its way to $4600 before another  serious correction, and HUI initially hitting a double top; then on to 1000. You pay your money and you take your chances. :o)  Silverngold

Samb @ 18:48

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:56 on February 12, 2015  

Is this it? Are you a DUST buyer now?

silverngold @ 18:24

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:55 on February 12, 2015  

Eventually … workfarms?

Silverngold @ 17:43

Posted by Samb @ 18:48 on February 12, 2015  

DOWN! Buy puts…still not too late.

About food stamps, can someone answer this question for me please

Posted by silverngold @ 18:24 on February 12, 2015  

With 50 million on food stamps, is that 50 million families, (ie about 200 million) or is that 50 million individuals represented by the head of  household?

With government employees making up more than half the present work force (which is all a drain on the country), and another 50 million that have no incentive to want to change, plus also the hardcore welfare recipients, how is it EVER possible to correct the mess the US is in?? As long as the majority, mentioned above,who are all taking out of the system, are allowed to vote, there is no possible way this mess can be straightened out, no matter how much they print.

Maybe I have a distorted view but that’s how I see it until someone shows me otherwise.  Please show me where I’m wrong!   Thanks……..  Silverngold

HUI daily….OK, we’re at horizontal support….. which way do we go??

Posted by silverngold @ 17:43 on February 12, 2015  

sg 1 HUI daily


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:08 on February 12, 2015  


Happy Hour: Garrison Brewing …. Irish Red Ale …… Halifax NS

Posted by winedoc @ 16:40 on February 12, 2015  



‘Evening Friends




Posted by goldielocks @ 16:24 on February 12, 2015  

It also points out that Putin has been confiscating more money that the ousted leader of Ukraine and fears he’ll be next so is a move to protect himself at the expense of their economy that could expand to other countries as well unless like here the people wake up. It looks like the people of Russia US and Eurpoe need to wake up. Even Aussies cuz their letting their dollar rise with ours hurting their economy and business leaving. Who is profiting places like China who can pour money into dollars proping  it up and give themselves a edge in exports when their yuan should be valued much higher costing jobs both here probably Europe and definenity Australia as well. While these one per enters make mega bucks they don’t give a hoot about the economies. It’s all about profits and political backing same as for allowing in illegals in a akready stressed economy. They don’t give a hoot about us and why they want to shut down alternative news as well. Perhaps they didn’t learn anything from last election or civil unrest which will just grow.

lots of “problems” suposedly being solved

Posted by Maddog @ 15:48 on February 12, 2015  

like Ukraine and Greece…..but the common solution is throw more Fiat at them…..which will only fuel physical PM demand .

Proof Measle Vaccines causing measle outbreaks

Posted by Auandag @ 14:55 on February 12, 2015  


Posted by Buygold @ 14:38 on February 12, 2015  

Hope you’re right about tomorrow, this boot on the neck action is beyond tiresome.

Horrible eco news, USD getting smashed, SM up again, oil up 3.5% and all gold can manage is a $2 rally. Disgusting.

This little PM equity has been looking positive recently.

Posted by Equisetum @ 13:58 on February 12, 2015  

I do not now have an investment position in Kerr. About three months ago I thought we were going to be involved with this miner when they were in merger discussions with San Gold. That potential business deal fell apart. Our present position in San Gold has had a trajectory very different than Kerr. Sometimes I hit it lucky and sometimes I dont.


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