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3 JP Morgan Bankers, a Pharmaceutical Scientist, and an Art Curator Walk onto a Train….

Posted by silverngold @ 23:32 on February 7, 2015  

I’m sure everyone one has already heard this news story:  A Train crashed into an SUV in NY, killing 6 people. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the story, but have you looked into it?

V E R Y  Interesting.

…. Just a few different articles and pieces of research below… I’ve highlighted some of the most interesting pieces.


ps: Contrary to urban (Hollywood) myth:  Cars usually do not explode in accidents, and they rarely explode so hugely that an entire train car is engulfed in flames hot enough to melt windows. 

pps: both the train operator and the conductor survived…..

Wife of banker killed in train crash was told he was ‘fine’ and could be picked up in the morning after heartbreaking hospital mixup

  • JP Morgan employee Aditya Tomar, 41, was one of six victim who died in the Tuesday crash in Valhalla, New York
  • When wife rushed to hospital to see if he survived the accident, she claims she was told he was ‘fine’ and just undergoing X-rays 
  • She learned the next day that Tomar had in fact perished


When the family of Aditya Tomar learned that his regular commuter train from New York City had been involved in a fiery train crash on Tuesday, they rushed to the hospital hoping and praying that he was one of the survivors.
Unfortunately, the 41-year-old JP Morgan employee was one of the six commuters who perished in the crash,….
…At 5:45pm he told her, “I’m on the train and I’ll be home soon,'”‘ she said.
But then – around 6:20pm – communication went quiet and his wife started to worry when he didn’t get home by his usual time of 7pm. Reshma texted her husband asking ‘Where are you?’ but got no answer.
‘She thought maybe he had to stay at work late. But at 11 o’clock he still wasn’t home and she started to get worried,’ Dee said.
It was around that time that Reshma started calling the train stations and hospitals and learned that a major accident had happened in Valhalla, involving a Mercedes-Bez SUV that was stalled on the tracks and was struck by a Metro-North train, sparking a ‘mass-casualty’ incident. 
Reshma and her brother rushed to Westchester County Medical Center to see if Tomar was among the injured, where they received some good – but ultimately false – news.
‘Somebody there, the security, said, “He’s fine, he’s undergoing X-rays,”‘ Dee said.
That person also told Reshma to go home and come back in the morning, but her brother remained suspicious that all was well.
‘Something didn’t add up in my son’s mind, so he dropped his sister home and went back on his own,’ Dee said. ‘He was there all night trying to figure out if (Tomar) was actually in the hospital.’
The next morning, they realized that everyone at the hospital had been accounted for except Tomar, and Reshma submitted her husband’s medical records to the Medical Examiner. Later that night they finally got confirmation that he was among the deceased.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2941793/Hospital-mix-means-wife-train-crash-victim-told-fine-picked-morning-actually-died-fiery-blaze.html#ixzz3R0g6e0ri


Agenda 21— Time to Die: UN Ads Promote Killing Off the Elderly

Posted by silverngold @ 23:23 on February 7, 2015  

Glen Beck on Agenda 21

Posted by silverngold @ 23:10 on February 7, 2015  

Dear GOD, stop the world and let me off!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:56 on February 7, 2015  

Raw milk could face national ban after recommendation from forum


Or how about toxic Fluoride violence??

Posted by silverngold @ 22:47 on February 7, 2015  

USA admits adding fluoride to water is damaging teeth and has been a big experiment

Mr.Copper @ 21:13 Do they say “Knife Violence” or “Club Violence”, or only GUN Violence?

Posted by silverngold @ 22:40 on February 7, 2015  

How about “Car Violence” when someone has a wreck. Maybe we better ban cars too?? Oh, I forgot. That is another part of Agenda 21. Move everyone into town so they can take rapid transit and they won’t need their car because everything out of town will be OFF LIMITS.

IMO it’s no different from “Vaccination Violence”. The whole thing as we all know is to get the public to BEG them to “PLEASE take away our guns”, and that  is no different from getting the public to demand that EVERY person be vaccinated so we don’t make all those vaccinated people sick. LOL!!! I cannot believe how easily people have been led to the slaughter. GOD help us all!! ……………..Silverngold

Is she rascist or full of common sense?

Posted by Auandag @ 22:05 on February 7, 2015  

@silverngold 19:29 re part: “GUNMAN OPENED FIRE” and “GUN VIOLENCE”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:13 on February 7, 2015  

First of all, anybody that likes and owns or works on guns is a “gunman”. The dirt bag media should say different things like…

Seven people were shot, five of them fatally after a some ‘NUT job whacko’ opened fire in the street. or..

Seven people were shot, five of them fatally after a ‘prescription teen age drug addict’ opened fire in the street. or..

Seven people were shot, five of them fatally after a ‘illegal immigrant gang member’ opened fire in the street. or..

Seven people were shot, five of them fatally after a ‘disgruntled employee’ opened fire in the street.

Why give these dirt bag dim wit dirt bag mental case idiots a nice name to be proud of like GUNMAN??

These scumbags might act differently if they knew that after they kill everybody and themselves, the MEDIA would call them all kinds names. Refer to them and their MOTHER in derogatory words, even if NOT true. To avoid copy cat killers ….

“The nut jobs MOTHER must have been a real loser to raise a piece of crap like that”. Sometimes the communist media says….”Oh he had a troubled childhood.” Or..”The a spoiled brat had a drug addict prostitute mother.

Billionaire Eric Sprott Just Made One Of The Most Dire Predictions Of 2015

Posted by silverngold @ 20:09 on February 7, 2015  



Have a Healthy Heart

Posted by silverngold @ 19:38 on February 7, 2015  

More violence

Posted by silverngold @ 19:29 on February 7, 2015  

5 killed, including children, in Georgia shooting

Published time: February 07, 2015 23:33

Reuters/Adrees Latif

Reuters/Adrees Latif

Seven people were shot, five of them fatally after a gunman opened fire in the street in Douglas County, west of Atlanta. Local police said the victims included children, and that the gunman apparently shot himself and was taken to hospital.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Lt. Glenn Daniel told AP that the shooting took place in Douglasville at around 3pm Saturday. Alarmed residents made a 911 call reporting a gunman shooting people in the street.

“We had multiple victims shot in the street,” Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Stan Copeland told local ABC affiliate WSB-TV 2.

Police said the victims’ ages ranged from toddlers to adults and some of them were related. The gunman also fired shots in one of the houses.

“Some of [the victims] are siblings, so some [people] are related. We just don’t know who is who right now,” Copeland added.

The gunman was injured and has been taken to a local hospital. Media reports suggested he shot himself, but police would not initially report on his condition.

The names of the victims will be released only after police notify the family members.


More Measles Deaths

Posted by silverngold @ 19:22 on February 7, 2015  

15 Syrian children dead following UN measles vaccination campaign

Published time: September 18, 2014 02:00
Edited time: September 20, 2014 14:59

AFP Photo / SANA

AFP Photo / SANA


The UN has halted a measles vaccination campaign in northern Syria after at least 15 children died after receiving shots, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in a joint statement.

“UNICEF and WHO have been shocked and saddened to learn of the deaths of at least 15 young children in Idlib, Syria,” the statement said. “The deaths of the children occurred in areas where a measles immunization campaign had been under way.”

The children were all under the age of two, Reuters reported, citing aid workers.

Around one hour after being given a second round of the measles vaccine in Idlib on Tuesday, the children demonstrated signs of “severe allergic shock,” said Abdullah Ajaj, a physician administering the vaccinations at a medical center in Jarjanaz, according to AP. The second round of vaccinations began in Idlib and Deir Ezzour on Monday.

Reuters / Karoly Arvai

Reuters / Karoly Arvai


Following the vaccine, some of the children’s bodies swelled and they suffocated to death.

“There was shouting and screaming, it was hard for the parents. You get your child vaccinated and then you find your child dying, it’s very hard,” Ajaj said.

Conflicting statements from the Syrian opposition and reports from rights groups have put the number of vaccine-related deaths between 34 and 50.

The WHO said it is sending a team of experts to investigate the incidents, adding that “establishing the precise cause of the children’s deaths is vital.”

The immunization campaign has been suspended in both Idlib and Deir Ezzour provinces. However, UNICEF and the WHO are hopeful that the campaign could resume “as soon as possible.”

Reuters / Hosam Katan

Reuters / Hosam Katan


While it is believed that measles outbreaks can effectively be contained by vaccinations, they can be very dangerous in undeveloped areas. The disease is transmitted through bodily fluids, coughing, and tears from the eyes.

UN agencies and other non-government organizations have been providing medical services in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Assad began in March 2011.

The Syrian conflict has since turned into a full-scale civil war, with more than 190,000 people killed, according to UN.

On Tuesday, Assad said the fight against terrorism must begin by placing more pressure on countries which are supporting and financing insurgents in Syria and Iraq.

READ MORE: Assad calls to stop funding armed groups in Syria, Iraq

Meanwhile, the US announced that it has plans to take “targeted actions against ISIS (Islamic State/ISIL) safe havens in Syria,” including striking infrastructure. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a plan to boost Iraqi forces with 1,600 US “military advisers.”

The US will also train and equip 5,000 members of the Syrian opposition to fight militants from the Islamic State group.

Astrology posts

Posted by Moggy @ 17:57 on February 7, 2015  

Okay, after reading what some of you have written about what I write going over your heads I admit it presents a problem.  However, I don’t know how to make the reading easy to understand unless you make mention of it.  Such as the question by Ment17:

My comment to Maya:  LOL, it’s been interesting, all righty…Mercury made a retrograde station on January 21st @ 17* Aquarius 03′ and will make its direct station on February 11th @ 14:52 GMT.”

Ment’s comment:  and for any clarification what is supposed to happen on the 11th of feb as Aquarius will make its direct station.

If you go back and reread the sentence it is about Mercury doing the action and the sign it is in while taking said action.  In short, only planets make stations, never the signs of the zodiac.

Therefore, when Mercury makes a direct station on Feb. 11th the entire energy is changed from one of reviewing, planning, reflection and/or reevaluating (what it leads one to do while retrograde) to one of implementing new ideas, putting that plan into action, paying attention now to important paperwork or signing of documents/legal agreements, or traveling.

To play it safe, begin your new enterprise or whatever you want to do with the Mercury energy on the day after Mercury turns direct in motion.  Think of yourself out on the ocean on a boogie board, waiting for the big wave so you can ride it in to shore.  Now consider that is what Mercury can do in the first few days after it turns direct in motion as far as implementing new ideas, putting a new plan into action, signing important documents, or taking a trip.  You ride the wave of Mercury energy to make what you want to do more successful than if you did it at any old time.  As the Bible states:  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…Ecclesiastes.

@ eeos…you are not ignorant, just unschooled in the subject matter.

@ Maya…very wise not to climb that tower because the planet that rules Aquarius is Uranus – the higher octave of Mercury.  Uranus is the planet of electricity.  Hoo, boy!

@ greensea…The Mercury retrograde periods following the current one for 2015:

May 19, 2015 in Gemini – to June 11, 2015

Sept. 17, 2015 in Libra – to October 9, 2015

To all interested:  I shall dig out the February Full Moon chart and post it as it was written.  Please, ask questions so that I will know how best to proceed in future.  Thanks.

If GATA could just make us $$$! Otherwise, in the immortal words of Hitlery, “what difference does it (they) make”??

Posted by Buygold @ 15:37 on February 7, 2015  

Talk about aggravation…

*As has been the case so often over the last 15 years, the price of gold was smashed on a U.S. jobs report day. Make that Groundhog Day.

*Yesterday the dollar was crushed and it did not mean a thing. Today the dollar rallies on the jobs news and it is the end of the world for the gold price.

*The commercials won again and the spec longs were routed again.

*$1300 gold seems like a distant memory. The intensity with which The Gold Cartel stopped the price advance above that level, as noted by James Mc at the time, paid off for them in spades.

*Speaking of James Mc, he sent us this note last evening, WHICH set the tone for today’s silver bashing…

Silver back to single digit leverage

No sooner did I speak about crude oil volatility when the CME indeed just hiked margins on crude- along with ANOTHER hike in silver margins. Welcome back, silver, to the single digit leverage club. You have to wonder just what in the hell is going on behind the scenes with silver. The clamp on silver leverage is just as maniacal as the relentless access trade pressure.

*Gold was tanked to $1232, while silver was nailed to $16.60. The Gold Cartel took no prisoners.

*The shares WERE ready to take off … to the downside. Once again budding excitement in our sector was obliterated in the short term.

*All the gold friendly news of late meant nothing, yet a bit of bearish news is the end of the world. And the sickest part of it all is that bearish news might not even be accurate, and most likely is not. Dave from Denver…


I call BULLSHIT….they continue to win.

************”They lost, they are losing all over so they attack the metals which will pop up again and again then blow to the upside.

My full time job is working for the dreaded Comcast as a level 2 telephone tech support engineer. Calls come to me when everything else fails. I speak to customers all around the US. I see more and more customers opting out of TV and some I speak to even comment on how TV aggravates them.

At least once per day I get to speak to someone who is awake. This is epic! I see it first hand, the elite lost and they know it.

Our time has come.

Really? It’s been coming for the last 3.5 years, and yet…..

***If there is one big picture thought to keep in mind after all this nonsense, it is that THEY are going to reach a point in which they are unable to get away with all this market disinformation and manipulation. Whenever that point in time is, all this aggravation will have been well worth it, many times over.

One more positive to bring your way going into the weekend. Our STALKER source called and said the big money is BUYING gold on this dip. The little guy is either selling or doing nothing.


Ahh!!!!! C’mon man!!!!!!!!

And a nod to the good old days,

Posted by silverboom @ 14:38 on February 7, 2015  

when we were all getting rich with our precious metal shares


Remember when…?

Remember when…?

An Arizona break from the gold wars…

Posted by silverboom @ 14:32 on February 7, 2015  

Mount Lemon, on the outskirts of Tucson, AZ



They Own Everything. A 1 minute clip.

Posted by commish @ 14:09 on February 7, 2015  

Moggy, Thanks!

Posted by Maya @ 13:53 on February 7, 2015  

I was considering climbing a tower to do some mechanical work this weekend before learning Mercury was in retrograde.   The job can wait a week…


Richard640 @ 13:38 – You are Doomed…

Posted by Maya @ 13:47 on February 7, 2015  

…to Remembering your password!  Doing our best to prevent Memory Loss.



Vaccine deaths 100+ vs. Zero non-Vaccine related deaths

Posted by joe12pack @ 13:43 on February 7, 2015  

Search for yourself: http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/opinion-search



My life has literally become a living hell because I have to log in every time to this site even though I click “remember me”…what will become of me?

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:38 on February 7, 2015  

Today’s Employment Report Is The Biggest Lie They’ve Told To Date

February 6, 2015Financial MarketsAnimal Farm, employment report, Orwelladmin

There’s no BS like the brown stuff tossed at us by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Not only do they want us to believe that the economy produced 257,000 jobs in January, during a time in which the energy sector – the largest source of jobs growth since 2009 – was cutting 10’s of thousands of workers, they revised November’s supposed 353k job gain up to 423k. It was the second biggest monthly jobs increase this century. Anyone believe that?

It’s gets better: the notoriously ridiculous birth-death model modeled in a 257k net loss in jobs. How is it possible that economy generated any jobs growth if big companies are dumping workers (see IBM + big oil + oil shale + Radio Schack, etc) and the traditional engine of jobs growth – new business start-ups – were unloading jobs? I’ll tell you how: pure, unadulterated statistical lies.

Oh wait. The BLS one-upped itself on its lies. It took the number of jobs supposedly “created” by the economy in 2014 up to 3.2 million from the original lie of 2.95 million. Now, how is that all possible when we have THIS (source: Zerohedge.com, edits are mine – click to enlarge):


Just a reminder, the only way that the labor force participation rate declines is when the number of people who leave the “labor force” exceed the number of people entering the “labor force.” It essentially means that there’s a huge “reservoir” of people out there who simply gave up looking for work and are permanently unemployed on the Taxpayer payroll – i.e. unemployment, Social Security Disability, welfare.

Please see this video for a detailed description of just how blatantly distorted the Government’s employment report really is:

I guess in order to make lemonade out of this cyanide-infused lemon the Government served up today, the best part about any Government economic report is watching grown men debate and agonize over the numbers, when the numbers are a complete fairy-tale. It’s like watching supposedly well-educated adults debating the merits of “Spongebob Squarepants” vs. “Sesame Street.




Posted by ment17 @ 13:17 on February 7, 2015  

LOL, it’s been interesting, all righty…Mercury made a retrograde station on January 21st @ 17* Aquarius 03′ and will make its direct station on February 11th @ 14:52 GMT.

and for any clarification what is supposed to happen on the 11th of feb as Aquarius will make its direct station

Well this would be inyeresting Muslim brotherhood wants a third party for Shaira law in the US.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:17 on February 7, 2015  

There may be a chilling political movement happening within the United States. A recent report indicates that radical-leaning Islamic groups may be planning to use America’s own political system to push the country toward a takeover by Shariah law.

The respected financial news source Investor’s Business Daily revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood is working to build a political party and organize elections.

“Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,” said Nihad Awad, a man behind the new U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, which sounds tame but has connections to radical groups.

The FBI reportedly raided Muslim Brotherhood locations in the wake of 9/11 and found pages of documents that outlined a disturbing plan. The papers listed many organizations that were being used as fronts for the Brotherhood.



Posted by greensea @ 13:05 on February 7, 2015  

Let me thank you in advance for all of your posts.  I read your astrology several times over. Plz keep them coming.  Is there a chart of Mercury retrogrades for the rest of the year?  Again THANK YOU!


Posted by ment17 @ 13:03 on February 7, 2015  

yes your post are interesting .. but zip over my head … probably need more information on each post..

but do keep um coming


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