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Adverse effect

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:15 on September 18, 2023  

Perhaps I should mention this to FLCCC because they work with vaxx injury’s and perhaps broaden their scope and bring real attention to the adjuvants which many aren’t even mentioned getting around it. It’s not just Lupus. SLE although will have other symptoms including pain,  fatigue and short term memory, and things she mentioned and more particularly the connective tissues the immune system targets  but can also cause blood clots.

Also the animals one lab testes with Covid shots all died from liver inflammation back in 2005.

An ANA test is used to help diagnose autoimmune disorders, such as:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the most common type of lupus. Lupus is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects many parts of the body, including the joints, skin, heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, and brain.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that mostly affects joints, causing pain and swelling often in the wrists, hands, and feet.
  • Scleroderma, a rare disease that may affect the skin, blood vessels, and organs.
  • Sjögren’s syndrome, a rare disease that affects the glands that make tears and saliva (spit) and other parts of the body.
  • Addison Disease, which affects your adrenal glands, causing fatigue and weakness.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis, which causes swelling in your liver.

SNG Wow that video was something else. Fitting title.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:50 on September 18, 2023  


Remember that video yrs ago where a doctor warning Jessy Ventura about the world gov culling plan where there gonna pull a pandemic and force vaccines that will kill people and sterilize them. Actually I didn’t see this till the other day but was back during the swine flu hoax.  The majority back then fought back so next time they had to take it up a notch. But instead of concentration camps they locked them in homes and hotels.  That is would take more than the swine flu. She mentioned squalene but they came out with mRNA too I wonder that’s what they hoped would happen? Squalene they can put in flu shots can disrupt the immune system to mimic things like Lupus and changing numbers they might not look for in their ANA labs if tested.

Just “Mother Nature” playing her HAARP in LIBIA!

Posted by silverngold @ 20:14 on September 18, 2023  

Deer 79

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:23 on September 18, 2023  

Seems like that’s the only thing the cretins do which just shows the real picture of who needs who, like the world is supposed to revolve around them. The economy would do just fine without them messing things up for everybody else.
They should have a economic class on how to profit the normal way OR when cretins start messing things up again and waiting for the Fed to speak instead of earnings.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:27 on September 18, 2023  

re 50 Av’s on GDX and GDXJ…..I see the 50 Av has only recently dipped below the 200 Av….if we rally hard soon, then the 50 Av will get back above the 200, which means it was only below for a short while……I have noticed that when u get such false moves they can be super signals…the mkt charges back in v fast and huge move…ie as this would be a bull one…u get a huge fast rise…. !!!!!!


Posted by deer79 @ 12:10 on September 18, 2023  

The cretins are clearly trying to keep both GDX and GDXJ from breaking out from the 50MA lines…….
29.68 for GDX and 35.82 for GDXJ

BG , or conversely

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:11 on September 18, 2023  

That the Colombian CB wants to add gold purchases in suppressed COMEX prices , and pay less in Pesos.

The price of an ounce in Pesos today is over 18% less than six months ago .

BG – one possible reason may be

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:01 on September 18, 2023  

…that Colombia has gold mines and the Colombian CB wants the country’s people to benefit from gold exports , not crush the miners … unlike the Federal Reserve .

$ per COP 6 month chart

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:55 on September 18, 2023  

BTW, there is a Fed meeting this week

Posted by Buygold @ 10:53 on September 18, 2023  

There’s always something that is pm negative…

NVDA has made a nice comeback, day trader’s dream – if they’re on the right side…

Wow Alex

Posted by Buygold @ 10:52 on September 18, 2023  

So the Columbian peso is rising against the dollar – that’s good. I wonder why?

Maddog, BG

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:50 on September 18, 2023  

If 6 months ago , you had a US$ debt , payable today , and had put that amount into Colombian Pesos , converted today you would have gained over 22% !

Well maddog, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 10:40 on September 18, 2023  

Maddog – let’s hope the dollar takes a breather then.

Goldie – I have done day flips in awhile either. Got what I got and we’ll see what happens.

Silver shares weak today after the strong Friday. So, either the shares will mount a comeback or the metals will get flushed. It’s all coordinated action, all the time.

Short Qs

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:56 on September 18, 2023  

No confirmations yet and coming out of a Head and shoulders but making higher highs higher lows and both I looked at, QID and Sqqq have gaps above one around 16 the other 24.


Posted by goldielocks @ 9:44 on September 18, 2023  

Yeah I know but no longer have the energy for fast day trades when things are fiat or side ways, might hit the wrong button lol but I have patients.
Well if your following that one look at the other big players with it like Apple et all.
Watch the QQQ “ Nas 100 includes them, and the Q  short could be looking bullish. Just too choppy right now less you want to be quick.


Posted by goldielocks @ 9:32 on September 18, 2023  

One thing it has going against it, is it had a gap now in the 101 zone.

PS if it does continue up then we have bigger picture of a cup and handle. I don’t know if something that delayed would play out less we got deflation or something if they want to kill as many jobs as they can while they continue to drop millions of illegals in our streets.

Morning Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 9:28 on September 18, 2023  

Agree, hard to tell the dollar direction. The algo’s are set such that as the 10 yr. rises, so does the dollar. 10 yr. up a couple bips, so dollar basically flat.

If gold goes, it may go for another reason, not the dollar. Bitcoin is on the move up.

NVDA is down again this am. I kind of think that as NVDA goes, so goes the SM, but who knows?

One further note

Posted by Maddog @ 9:26 on September 18, 2023  

DXY is right at it’s 65v week Av…..another good reason we may well see some dollar weakness here.

Morning Maddog

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:23 on September 18, 2023  

Hard to say what the dollar is going to do with interest rates hanging over its head.
First it made a head and shoulders which got different sectors bullish including PMs. Then it instead went side ways and the market for the most part followed. If it does head down soon it will complete a reverse head and shoulders if it stops heading down and reverses after, like when the Fed speaks lol, or not depending. It also looks like it’s about to make a golden cross too. Until then that means any move could be temporary and choppy till there is a clearer direction.

Morning All

Posted by Maddog @ 7:44 on September 18, 2023  

Dollar DXY managed to close up 9 weeks in a row, the Euro/USd fell for 9…odds are we get some Dollar weakness soon ?????

Gold stopped at the old 1930 level…but Oil holding firm.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:29 on September 18, 2023  

Luxury ride through Purgatory


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