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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:52 on August 31, 2023  

Sorry got interrupted, a multi people camping trip coming up I’m passing on. So now they don’t want be doing anything while they’re all away. Sheesh I think I can take care of my self still. If I can’t ces’t la ville. Too funny but good to know they care.
My point was know who you are, know your body and if something isn’t right get a second opinion and don’t wait.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:51 on August 31, 2023  

El Capitan



Posted by goldielocks @ 23:46 on August 31, 2023  

Hey did you know someone over your way in Canada has sped  up the elimination of gas heat in new housing. They’re going to burn, flood and freeze us out. I will repeat there is no build back, back  after they destroy it? There is no better. There is only want to control and depopulate. I think they know as they masses awake they’re loosing or going to lose. Now funny thing with all these fake arrests on Trump there getting the black youth behind him. He’s a brother now, they hate the system even more.
Blackrock will probably find out soon enough no one but a few with money to throw away are gonna buy or rent their BS over priced property’s. They have to have some  influence on some politicians somewhere. They can manipulate and make money off the market but in the end they can’t change the ultimate direction of it which they too are a guilty part of that.
We need to change lobbying laws so no money can change hands including the FDA and CDC.
Also if they leave a job that was involved with government laws and regulations of such including politicians  that they cannot go work for these company’s for 10 yrs.

Don’t blame all doctors. They save more lives than not.  Like that saying walk a mile in their shoes. Or if it was easy everybody would do it. It’s a reminder to them they can’t always assume, I hope the new ones  don’t lose their assessment skills over computers though. They’re not perfect either lol Are there some bad ones likely ones not cut out to be doctors to plain evil or just out for the money so go sit on boards to then dictate and harass the real ones .. like Fauci types? Yep

Goldielocks, sounds like you had quite a Grandfather. Some people never quit because they don’t know how. He sure didn’t!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:51 on August 31, 2023  

That’s too bad about your friend who was misdiagnosed and just died leaving a young family behind.

It reminds me of the story I heard of the 110 year old woman who still drank and smoked and was healthy at 110….When asked what her secret to longevity was  she said “I stayed away from doctors”. I think she had a good point, especially with what we have seen these last three years the way doctors have been silenced with bribery, intimidation, coercion, loss of license to practice medicine, and even extermination. I think the US Congress (and Canada’s) is basically doing the same thing. Sit down….shut up…. get rich….or get eliminated….or say too much and get exterminated.

One thing Rick Rule said in that interview that was spot on IMO was that ETF’s, which are Derivatives, which are an unregulated and uncontrolled market which is allowed to trade on the world stock exchanges,  represent TRILLIONS of investor dollars, and they are basically worthless and will eventually bring down the whole financial house of cards.  This is my interpretation of what he said and I think the same. They are nothing but empty bags of air and when investors want their money from them the banks, brokers etc like JP Morgan and Blackrock, who own them, will just disappear, along with the day traders who were gonna make their fortunes with them!

I think most of their point was “GOT SILVER AND GOLD??? All FWIW!



Sng 14:57

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:52 on August 31, 2023  

Trumps interfering with their easy street gravy train. Just like the market vs “ the real economy” right now, Markets and their insider deals up, the rest of you who will be their serfs , the economy’s down. They can’t stand not being on the top or exposed for who’s really not qualified or to committed the people , to their  country just themselves , no matter who they cheat, steal, rob or even kill to get it.

SNG 16:43

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:00 on August 31, 2023  

Is something wrong with my math? They have successively forecast “ 17 “ of the last “ 3” declines?


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:21 on August 31, 2023  

My grandfather had up and downs in the market survived the Spanish flu, both wars, became a millionaire in 1929 and lost it the same year. Lost his wife to illness his daughter to a illness first son getting run over a 6 by a hot rod walking across the street with his grandma. Came back from WW11 from the pacific theater with his business he shut down before he went to war to come back to no job. After hard years started another business up. But at least more patriotic times despite it all.
I can’t remember the subject we were on anymore since so many years ago other than how he kept rising up every time  the economy turned back down. He told me the only thing that’s important is you have is the ones you care about and your health. That without  your health you have nothing.
That’s one reason I stayed away from the market when younger because it appeared to distract from both those things.

The person I knew who just passed away from another misdiagnosis of a doctor thinking his pancreatic cancer was a ulcer until it had spread to other parts of his body. He had restarted his life with a new partner and had two young kids to raise. Despite his poor diagnosis he lived 6 years more working no matter how sick he was but started needing help here and there and dropped 30 pounds so I knew he wasn’t gonna be here much longer but kept trying until the very day he died to support those kids. A least the military will bury him but social security isn’t gonna help as much as it should for his family.If his wife makes what they consider too much they’ll cut her off despite the fact he paid into it all those years.
In the end my grandfather was right.
Not that you can’t make it a heck of a ride till the end.
I look at the PMs only in terms of survival from a kind of government this one just happened to turn into. I keep some when I travel on my person plus barter jewelry. I had some gold quarter ounces you can mix with your change on my personal. not purse and silver coins some in purse when I traveled on that hell trip to Florida, just stick it and cash in a small wallet in my bra  and  gave one away when there plus cash and other things and had no problems at the airport or worry’s something should  happen to back or credit cards gone missing. Just never know when something could happen.
The only thing that won’t go back to zero like the stocks.
I think Celente was right years ago before gold passed 1000 that he knew it was gonna be 2000 and then the gov will step in.
I hope it doesn’t take digital currency or a third world status because of these morons in office to make it go to the next level. I hope that doesn’t happen but if it does it’s a good hedge.

You may recognize Mike and Rick…and I like their quote: “We have correctly forecasted 17 of the last 3 declines”.

Posted by silverngold @ 16:43 on August 31, 2023  

BG – I have a hypothesis to reply to your frustration

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:59 on August 31, 2023  

What group controls most of the wealth of this nation ?

What group understands best the fate of the currency ?

What group then , would want to accumulate ownership of corporate entities having claim to precious metals still in the ground , paying in fading fiat ?

Do they want bargains ?
Or do they wait and buy at the interim top , as so many in the herd do ?

Tucker under 3 minutes.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:57 on August 31, 2023  

These shares suck endlessly

Posted by Buygold @ 13:27 on August 31, 2023  

Go up 2% over 3 days and then go down 3-4% in one day with the metals barely down. Though you can bet with the dollar up, they will be down much more by the close.

I see oil is up 2%, who knows what’s happening there.

I just don’t see the pot at the end of the rainbow. It’s been the same thing for years. Everything is well contained in pm land – as usual.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:21 on August 31, 2023  

Glad to hear you’re good. Looks like the cedar key area got slammed. Even saw some flooding in Tampa. I don’t know how Tampa could survive a direct hit. So much water.

I don’t think any of us left here are as hearty as we once were. 🙂

We were out of power for about 8 hrs. which is BS, as our neighbors on the other side of the street didn’t lose power. Our lines need to be re-done. We were without power for 9 days during the last hurricane, while our neighbors were down only 6.

BTW If you are on an Apple device

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:09 on August 31, 2023  

and use ‘Brave’ browser instead of Safari , you will not be tracked and Google Ads are blocked .

IPSO re: your post this morning about Newsome and trans agenda

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:00 on August 31, 2023  

Here in Colombia the article is under a headline advertizing voice surgery to ‘feminize’ the voice of transgenders.

(inserted by Google Ads )…and I am blocked from getting back to it , BTW .

No Bell but a Picture

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:32 on August 31, 2023  


Posted by aurum @ 10:35 on August 31, 2023  

“I can’t speak for treefrog, Alex or aurum, as they are in the northern part of Florida.”

We have lived here on Amelia Island for almost 30 years.  Fortunately, Idalia went  well to the west of us as TropicalTidbits had projected so we did not evacuate. We tend to evacuate more often than we did in the early years because in high winds the bridges close and also there can be no emergency services.  We are not as rugged as we once were.  Of course we often lose power and sometimes for days.  Making coffee on a grill or camp fire takes patience and my wife is not patient in the morning when she wants her cuppa.  Also we have many large oak trees of varying types some of which (like water oaks) fall in high winds and crush houses.  For these reasons we usually evacuate to a pet friendly hotel about 40 miles inland on high ground and with reliable power.  Although once they did run out of food.  Fortunately they had plenty of beer.  When they ran out of food, I bought carryout from an Indian restaurant down the street.  I asked the owner if he was going to stay open.  He replied “Once you have been through a typhoon in India this is just a windy day.”




Good interview between Ed Dowd and Mike Adams on America’s future!

Posted by silverngold @ 10:25 on August 31, 2023  

WARLORDS WILL RULE: Ed Dowd Joins Mike Adams with Warnings about Collapsing Cities, Dollar Debt, Vax Deaths and the Macroeconomic Demise of Western Nations

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:42 on August 31, 2023  

Some scientists are still scientists and not political hacks

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:34 on August 31, 2023  

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.


Not giving up on the day just yet

Posted by Buygold @ 9:23 on August 31, 2023  

despite the strength in the dollar.

The eco data – PCE came in as expected. A month or year ago that would have been enough to give us a good pounding, especially with the dollar up. Today not so much.

Enough with these strong opens that fade all day though.

Makes me nauseous

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:10 on August 31, 2023  

Invent Your Own Gender. Governor Gavin Newsom Encourages Youth With Millions In Taxpayer Support


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:55 on August 31, 2023  

Endeavour Silver Closes Sale of Cozamin Royalty to Gold Royalty Corp


Gold Royalty Completes Acquisition of Existing Royalty on Producing Copper-Silver Cozamin Mine


Harmony’s (HMY) Earnings Increase, Revenues Down Y/Y in FY23




West African Resources Limited Earnings Missed Analyst Estimates: Here’s What Analysts Are Forecasting Now


Eskay Mining Drills VMS Mineralization at Four New Targets at Its Consolidated Eskay Project, Golden Triangle, BC


Leviathan Gold granted new Exploration License over the former Queen’s Birthday Mine in Victoria, Australia


Silverstock Provides Corporate Update


Orford Discovers and Drills Two New Gold Zones on The Qiqavik Gold Project




Evergold Files NI 43-101 Report for DEM Property


Discovery Announces the Submission of its Environmental Impact Assessment for its Cordero Project


Perseus Delivers Record Financial Performance


Aura Minerals Completes Feasibility Study for the Borborema Project and Increases Ownership Stake in Borborema Inc. to 100%


Benton Receives Conditional Regulatory Approval for Great Burnt Copper-Gold Option and Expands Disclosure of Outstanding Net Smelter Returns


Full Metal Provides Update on the Olivine Mountain Option Agreement


Dundee Advances Strategic Objective to Bring Near-Term Cash-Flow Into the Company and Converts Joint Venture Interest in Borborema Project to Royalty


Silver Range Resources announces company is going to market to fuel project generation


Morning Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 7:30 on August 31, 2023  

Looks like everyone’s sleeping in but don’t know time zone for maddog. It’s only after 4 am here and not trading today’s  so Im going back to sleep.
Yep PCE today. Yesterday rally helped by dollar down,  slowing retail, jobs report what a way to bring the market up cuz their still watching the Fed. Good news for the market bad news for the economy what a oxymoron other than relief from chances of a rate hike.
Risk though is will they be able to control the damage or will it continue to spiral and signal a recession. Retail doesn’t expect a lackluster holiday season. I guess Bitcoin got a boost from some Crypto ETFs deals.
That link you posted I haven’t read yet looks pretty scary. If they ever do crash the market and economy I hope there’s a call to end the Fed.

Morning maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 6:46 on August 31, 2023  

“Who is making the variants ??????”

Well, Fauci and his Biolabs of course.

Surpisingly flat

Posted by Buygold @ 6:44 on August 31, 2023  

Just say that because the dollar is in rally mode. Curiously the 10 yr. is down a bip.

Oil up .35% just above $82. Other energy is flat. Copper down 1%

It’s another eco data day, the highly touted PCE. We’ll see where they want the numbers to be. We’ve been pretty fortunate that eco data hasn’t hurt us lately. We’ll also see if the dollar holds strength today. Other than Blackrock, JPM and the Fed, who knows? – oh yeah, a lot of the Gov’t.

Shares IMHO have been somewhat abysmal given the move up in silver. I do get that gold hasn’t even eclipsed $1950 though.

So much information out there regarding the BRICS and everything else. Somehow, I think financial collapse and more war will precede any BRICS currency. ZH has this article, the headline is misleading given he talks about the “next three decades” among other things.

Expanded BRICS Set To De-Dollarize The World, Control Global Energy Supply | ZeroHedge

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