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Posted by Buygold @ 19:42 on December 11, 2021  

I have some GROY in the retirement. Seems like it’s trapped in a range from $4.80 to $5.40.

I’ve flipped it a few times in the trading account

overton @ 17:16 re: Fortitude

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:05 on December 11, 2021  

“nice dividend”

7% That’s not shabby!

Is there a reason the yield is so high … that you know about? Hopefully just the general disgust for mining shares ….


Posted by goldcountry @ 19:05 on December 11, 2021  

Yes, I’m in a new spot in the Sierras, but again this summer our town was surrounded by fires for months. Obviously they do not want us living in the mountains. I even evacuated once, taking all of my clothes with me-LOL so I never have to shop for them ever again. (last time I lost everything)


But I’m not giving it up without a fight. And we are fighting locally. We got our board of supes to nix a vaccine mandate for our county health workers! And we’re not done yet:)

Posted by overton @ 17:16 on December 11, 2021  

Buygold,  I see you mention GROY here sometimes

Garofalo was givng a speech up north this week .  I was looking for a link but don’t see anything yet…he must have stuffed someone up there

I kept 2/3 of the buyout  proceeds( rzzgzz) in groy shares I thought it would have been $7 by now .    I wanted more fortitute shares for a $7 to $7 switch for their nice dividend


IR.INC & VID Conferences Present Virtual Investor Day V – December 6 – 8 2021 (yahoo.com)


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:51 on December 11, 2021  

It’s good to see you post. I hope you got things settled somewhat since that horrible fire up there. Even closer to me in Placer they were having rolling power outs from PGE and generators were selling out but they want to go all electric.
When I started trading PMs around 2004 I had little idea other than physical of what I was getting into. At the time all I could see is a clear pattern at that some with stable support. It was something to trade at support levels and want totally into trading a lot then either but was watch the charts daily like it was becoming a addiction or a hobby.
I had yet to see the correlation between gold moving up other than normal inflation of anything and a apocalypse heading our way. The more I learned regarding PM the more to put it nice disillusioned I became with people in positions of power. There is still average everyday people clueless to the agendas going on behind the curtain while they side tract them with division and getting them to fight amongst themselves and those who stay away from it the best they can perhaps ignorance is bliss so they live their lives until the bottom drops out. With rising cost due to these brain dead total Ask holes for lack of a better word the bottom is dropping out on them now and only set to get worse.

treefrog – this cup’s for you!

Posted by Aguila @ 14:10 on December 11, 2021  

In this photo posted on Twitter, Sunday, May 3, 2015, and provided by NASA, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti sips espresso from a cup designed for use in zero-gravity, on the International Space Station. Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman in space, fired up the first espresso machine in space, which uses small capsules, or pods, of espresso coffee. (NASA via AP)

goldielocks @ 20:49

Posted by goldcountry @ 9:59 on December 11, 2021  

Agree with you. Most days I am just too disgusted for words.

But as long as I am not dead, I will continue to check in:)

If Clif High is to be believed, we will soon be seeing some big upheavals.

treefrog’s travel tips (expanding the posting rate)

Posted by treefrog @ 9:03 on December 11, 2021  


the further from civilization the coffee is brewed, the better it tastes.

seen above, an overage hippie brewing coffee with a butane stove and a melitta filter cone beside the gila river

forty very twisty miles north of SILVER city, new mexico (precious metal mention).  gila hot springs campground, just downstream from the

birthplace of that great patriot, geronimo.

wood fired percolator, cape san blas, florida.

Some of you may remember Vronsky’s ‘Vive 500’…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:25 on December 11, 2021  

Now I say ‘Vive GoldTent Oasis’ – for a long time to come .

Morning Folks – you too Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 7:55 on December 11, 2021  

I still have to think that if PM’s get off their dead asses, maybe we’ll see more posters.

Feels like a big “if” right now, but we’ll see.

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