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LOL …………… J. Najarian

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:01 on December 7, 2021  

Does the Fed and the Biden administration have a handle on the inflation problem? Why or why not?

That’s the easiest question of all. NO!

The administration has cut pipelines like they did with XL Pipeline and then they wonder why oil producers are not producing as much? It’s crazy how the administration doesn’t recognize cause and effect. You cut leases for oil and gas, you reduce transport (pipelines) and you wonder why our prices spike? I wonder how these people even tie their shoes.


Ororeef 17:28

Posted by Pict @ 19:14 on December 7, 2021  

Wow man that is awesome. Congrats !

The Tyrant is smited

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:21 on December 7, 2021  

Judge Blocks Biden’s Nationwide Vax Mandate For Federal Contractors



Posted by Ororeef @ 17:28 on December 7, 2021  

Its Pearl Harbor day  and I was married dec 7    64 years ago   !

Meanwhile he mandates children get the same ….Stupid is as Stupid does

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:38 on December 7, 2021  
Gavin Newsom. Wikipedia

Governor of California in hiding after he develops facial paralysis from booster jab

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom has been in hiding for over two weeks after he developed either Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barre syndrome from his booster shot.

Not the bump I was hoping for…

Posted by Buygold @ 16:03 on December 7, 2021  

Shares do seem connected to the SM at the moment.

Not a bad day, the PF was up 1.3% after yesterday’s 1% gain.

We’re overdue

Posted by Buygold @ 15:21 on December 7, 2021  

for a bump up in the metals and shares going into the close – course we could stay overdue for awhile.

Re past six months Gold is down 6% from $1900 and an US Dollar up 6% from 90 to 96, Strange, August high $2,054 down 13% to $1,786 Today and up 87% from 2016 $1,086 Bottom

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:57 on December 7, 2021  

But what a crappy ride. Not like a postage stamp steady climb.

a man on a white horse

Posted by treefrog @ 12:39 on December 7, 2021  

r/Wallstreetsilver - Ape Nation!

Funny, The Dow has 9 lives like a cat, and seems to be Dragging us Down and Up, Since when are we connected at the hip with them?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:34 on December 7, 2021  

FYI Smith & Wesson dropped 30% Friday with a disappointing news report. It pays a div 1.77% ex div date 12/15, p/e of 3 already 12% above Fridays crazy low.

I wonder if the masters of the financial universe are using various covid and omicron news updates versus rate hikes for brake tapping the stock market indices. Even just fed news about possible rate hikes throws a chair in front of the monster.

You guys remember when the masters of the financial universe kept throwing chairs constantly in front of the gold and sill bull run 1970 to 1980? Very timid rates went from like %5 to 21% always behind the curve, before that brake tapping finally kicked in.

“What are we stupid? We can get an 18% CD or 16.8% on a thirty-year US bond with no call back provision.” The whole system was very scary back then. They got lucky.

G & S just popped nicely

Posted by Buygold @ 11:29 on December 7, 2021  

No clue why but looks good.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:26 on December 7, 2021  

yeah, looks like oil was a good buy in the $60’s.

everything is up today even pm’s for some reason.

Shares acting the same and being tamed. We get these little bursts higher and then drip selling.

The 10:30 EST one hour point is here is arriving

Posted by Buygold @ 10:29 on December 7, 2021  

Is this the beginning of the end or do we creep higher from here?

Rates and USD appear to be coming back in.

Evergrande moves toward restructuring; state swoops in to contain risk

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on December 7, 2021  

HONG KONG, Dec 6 (Reuters) – China Evergrande Group (3333.HK) has set up a risk management committee as the cash-strapped property developer inches closer to a debt restructuring that has loomed for months over global markets and the world’s second-largest economy.

The real estate giant, which is grappling with over $300 billion in liabilities and is at risk of becoming China’s biggest ever default, said on Monday that the committee included officials from state entities and would play an important role in “mitigating and eliminating the future risks” of the group.



Posted by Maddog @ 10:06 on December 7, 2021  

Oil is flying again, cud easily see the recent Hi’s before perhaps another sell off, that wud complete an A-B-C correction……Before we make a monster run to take out all time Hi’s…inflation is gonna explode.

PLTR – Palantir

Posted by Buygold @ 10:00 on December 7, 2021  

Bouncing back a bit today. Hopefully the tax loss selling in that thing is over for the year.


Here we go

Posted by Buygold @ 9:39 on December 7, 2021  

Let’s get that HUI to run back up toward 260 and see what happens.

Glad to see the metals off the lows.

Nasdaq is screaming higher. Outperforming for the first time in awhile.

Who Loves The Booster Shot?

Posted by commish @ 9:25 on December 7, 2021  

Big Pharma and Wall St.

Looks like the PM “pain train”

Posted by deer79 @ 9:09 on December 7, 2021  

Could go to $1740, and then $1720 if we don’t hold here at $1760.
All aboard..

Rates moving higher with the USD

Posted by Buygold @ 8:27 on December 7, 2021  


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:10 on December 7, 2021  

Gold Mountain Updates Mineral Resource Estimate at the Elk Gold Property


Banyan Gold Reports Aurex Hill Zone Diamond Drill Results, Aurmac Property, Yukon


Azimut and Mont Royal Discover a Highly Prospective Nickel-Copper Ultramafic Intrusion at Wapatik


GoGold Announces Initial Mineral Resource Estimate at Los Ricos North


Ascot Receives Mines Act Permit for the Premier Gold Project and Provides Project Development Update


Harte Gold Announces Execution of Subscription Agreement and Loan Agreement and Makes Application Under Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act


Melkior Provides White Lake Update


Yamana Gold Receives Permit at Jacobina, Initiating Ramp Up of Phase 2 Expansion, Expects Fourth Quarter Company Wide Production to Exceed 270,000 GEO With Costs Tracking to Be the Lowest of the Year


Nevada King Drilling Extends Gold Mineralization 200m South, Strike Length Now Exceeds 1km at Atlanta Gold Mine


Silver Range Resources Ltd. Provides Corporate Update


Plato Gold Initiates Time and Frequency Domain EM Survey on Marriott Site


Galway Metals Adrian and GMZ Gaps Return 5.8 g/t Au over 55.5m, and 8.1 g/t Au over 17.5m


Minera Alamos Announces Santana Mine Operations Update


Silver Sands Resources Updates Phase III Drilling Progress at the Virginia Silver Project


Nasdaq looks strong this am

Posted by Buygold @ 7:39 on December 7, 2021  

Bitcoin creeping back up.

Rates on the long end aren’t rising this am, USD flat.

Early on, it looks like another rally day, as long as silver can hold some ground.

Trouble for the miners in Ecuador

Posted by ipso facto @ 7:26 on December 7, 2021  

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court ruling (from IKN654)

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:47 on December 7, 2021  

Set the wayback machine to 1965


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