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Make America Great Again

Posted by commish @ 21:56 on May 28, 2016  


wowser a scathing rebuke of the beady eyed one! love it!

Posted by WANKA @ 21:48 on May 28, 2016  



Posted by WANKA @ 21:25 on May 28, 2016  

magrailette! toon1owj

Short Train

Posted by Maya @ 19:51 on May 28, 2016  


The Swiss are opening a new tunnel under the Alps.  Is this the world’s shortest high-speed train?



Anyone see Dutchsense? He’s siad to be so accurate its scary but thy keep attacking his sites and take he’s you tubes down

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:19 on May 28, 2016  

On earthquakes



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:44 on May 28, 2016  

Yeah he isn’t afraid to bring out in the open the talk to the hand attitude of politicians and controlled media. He’s bringing out the selling fear propaganda for profit.

He said he’s going to get rid of the agreement they got with Paris over global warming so they can get rid of c oil from Gasprom to cheaper funneled through Saidis in the Mid East. Maybe another reason their taking in so many refugees. I wonder if they are fining the Mid East like they are western oil companies and manufacturers. Bet they aren’t, Theyre so full of it.

I liked SNG post too of investigating Pharmas and the CDC. Time we clean house with corruption in Washington. Obama said other countries are concerned about Trump becoming President. Good it will probably help their people too in the long run from the games for profit at their expense.

He says he’s for the keystone project bringing jobs here too. But it’s not just a yes or no deal. He’s gonna ask what’s in it for us for giving them the pathway. I’m sure some states are gonna come up with some excuse to block it. They found some old Indian relics in the ground. Well I’m sure most of us are sitting over or near someone who was there or buried at some point. At the same time heres a example that established sacred grounds are violated due to political cronyism but them they will use the excuse of finding something to stop the keystone. Trump being a business man instead of just a politician is more equipped to handle it. Also believe he’ll help veterans too which will also help their familys.

maya the great part of the donald

Posted by WANKA @ 14:58 on May 28, 2016  

is he is bringing the scam into the limelight nationally!
more and more people are seeing what we folks have seen for years. corruption scam Ponzi call it one or all……its absolutlly disgusting.
may they all rot. toon2e''

best of cheers my hawaii friend. wj

Impartial Justice? Hah! – DOJ Fights To Block Clinton Deposition

Posted by Maya @ 14:50 on May 28, 2016  

Loretta Lynch was first appointed by Bill Clinton.  Conflict of interest?  Nah… it had to be approved by Obama.


The corruption is sickening.



buygold but but but they have diversity…..

Posted by WANKA @ 11:34 on May 28, 2016  

there are brunets and blonds and red heads and…..bwahahahahahaha… toon2jwj

NRA Endorses Trump – Huff Post Endorses Hillary

Posted by Buygold @ 10:42 on May 28, 2016  

goldielocks @ 17:01-Go Trump!

Posted by Auandag @ 10:03 on May 28, 2016  

Watched that video-love the fact Trump brings everything that the MSM ignores or obfuscates out into the open and that the lefties are freaking out LOL. No doubt, whatever happens, this is a turning point for the USA


Posted by Ororeef @ 2:35 on May 28, 2016  

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