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RNO a great

Posted by WANKA @ 21:25 on May 26, 2016  

choice of the 3 for sacrifice to the gods of wrath I say…can I test their stamina before the sacrifice with my little anvil? pleeeeese. toon1w :mrgreen: best of cheers and safe journey. wankajohn wj

Maya- volcanos

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:10 on May 26, 2016  

about the only natural disasters we don’t have in Oklahoma are volcanos and tidal waves so I may not be an authority. I understand that historically , human sacrifices were offered to subdue the eruptions. May I suggest Hillary, Difi, and Nancy Pelosi.



Posted by Maddog @ 20:58 on May 26, 2016  

There was a man called Richard Russell, who was one of the greatest T/A’s of all time.

He was also a proud Gold Bug….he knew this Gold Bull and knew it well and more to the point, knew it as a chance in a lifetime.

His standard cry was, that it would run with the fewest bulls on board imaginable, it is that powerfull………getting off this one and getting back on at a profit, could well be nigh on impossible, or the preserve of the genii.


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:55 on May 26, 2016  

Travel safe Amigo!

“4 years” seems like yesterday

Been absent a few days

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 20:36 on May 26, 2016  

Irish gone four years ago. Usdx didn’t get past 9600 and the talking heads are silent.

I’m going to Belize in a few days. Still a little unfinished business.

Trump is going to accelerate deflation. It’s the only way out. Gold and silver will be money when the financial system locks up. Keep on stacking the phiz.




Posted by ipso facto @ 19:57 on May 26, 2016  

It’s probably more dangerous to be living in the Yellowstone Basin. Now that sucker’s a volcano! Emoji_1F601

That Lava breakout…

Posted by Maya @ 18:16 on May 26, 2016  

Is really minor.  Living on a volcano you get used to the ‘ho-hum’…. until it really gets close.


The bright red marks are the current ‘overflow’.  Chicken scratches compared to the long pink finger of the 2014 flow that made it all the way to Pahoa town.  That flow has hardened, and blocked up the geologic trench crack that guided it in that direction, so our bets are that it will not come that direction again in my lifetime.   My house is in that little strip up by the “Pacific” label of ‘Pacific Ocean’.  I’m about 2 miles west of the eastern shore.  People are still freaked out there, but you know the old saying… “Buy when there is blood in the streets!”….   or Lava.  I’ve made my bet.  Me & Pele are friends.  We all understand that these are Pele’s lands, and she will do as she pleases.

ipso facto I too am hold for long term

Posted by WANKA @ 17:59 on May 26, 2016  

and have a little trading account with ameritrade. predominant its the phyzz for long term accumulated past history I dub my ‘retirement account’. I’m sorta retired now kinda! but don’t tell anyone. 🙂
I tend to add to the phizz also when the time is ripe like now a days and when I can beg borrow n steal a few bucks since I’m a poo boy [in cash flow] :mrgreen: crappy mrgreen I know. all the past mrgreens turned crappy. best wj

except this one……….



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:32 on May 26, 2016  

To da Moon My Friend! Emoji_1F601

frosty suffice it to say

Posted by WANKA @ 17:19 on May 26, 2016  

we have precisely what we want here especially the trains that is so graciously posted every day among many other fine posts on various subjects.
also nothing needs repair on this our site. posting on any subject is open. read the sidebar on matrix under ‘oasis’ to see what its all about. I know you will understand without doubt! big cheers to ya…
especially in matrix the last paragraph with the three dancing pom pom girls.

Farmboy @ 8:58

Posted by Maya @ 17:13 on May 26, 2016  

From the looks of the crash site, it looks like the skydiver plane crashed just after takeoff.  No one had the time nor altitude to jump.  I do remember many years ago a skydiving plane (old twin engine) had an engine failure and stalled out about 14,000 ft above pearl harbor.  Five or six skydivers made it out of the plane with barely enough altitude to open the chute on the last ones.    Several that didn’t make it out went down with the plane into pearl harbor.

While you’re saying prayers, don’t forget yourself and the rest of the grizzled old farts here:

The Senility Prayer –
God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked, the good fortune to remember the one’s I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

This years profits on PM stocks

Posted by newtogold @ 17:10 on May 26, 2016  

Time to take some substantial gains off the table with my PM stocks. So I take a 5  or 6 week Sabbatical. All possibilities lead to a down draft  IMHO. With my minuscule portfolio showing some gains(nearly doubled), I am going to protect my assets.  If I had followed this rule, I would have been quite a bit more affluent. Heck, I have capital losses on my income taxes for some time to come. I suspect many of you here do to. This buy and hold stuff is not cost efficient. Seeing the light (hopefully its not a freight train in a dark tunnel) for the first time I think, maybe . Well I have burnt my bridge anyway. Now I can avoid the markets for few weeks and just take a peek now and then. This may be market advice but DYODD.


To the moon..I believe

Posted by Walker @ 16:57 on May 26, 2016  

Just a point of interest, Venezuela sells gold for cash….while the us creates cash from ..well you all know the story. My real point..we live in a grand illusion of , “define money or simply put to the sheep sleep ..it is called digits , food stamps etc?”

regarding this week’s gold hit..it is buy or believe the other side of midnight is there for you.

Regarding..can this be repaired?  Goldie mentions old times. Irish, one man who lived his dream and insight. Frankly, I wish, I had met him. He stood higher than most here. i think of him..hum always.

Old Goldrunner ..never mentioned here? Which was once a MAJOR..insightful believer..I did not believe him , ( called him everything but a fool, he was not a fool but an honest man with a different insight to reality) but… I frankly think he was real and creditable.

My point..most have either die, been killed, and gone..LOL

Or not well.. or you think and have  gone  away..this cannot happen to me….grin

My point..we need to see..newtogold..great post.. or any one else..time real. We do not need trains..great music even when it is gone.

ipso facto its to da moon buddy

Posted by WANKA @ 16:46 on May 26, 2016  

too da moon! :mrgreen: wj
ps I know I know its a crummy mrgreen. i’ll have to steal one from the other server. wj

The truth about Thimerosal and Mecury and Autism slowly coming out

Posted by newtogold @ 16:40 on May 26, 2016  



Posted by deer79 @ 16:31 on May 26, 2016  

Seems like nothing has changed. The more we hear how about SGE, open interest numbers, bullion demand etc., all that mattered was getting the futures to close below $1220 for expiration. I’m beyond dumbfounded.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:58 on May 26, 2016  

I was never a great trader. I just stay fully invested all the time. I figure in six mos we’re higher.



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:54 on May 26, 2016  

Gold might still have room to move a little lower as its bounced off 1200-10 Aprox a few times. News of interest rate rises could have a counter move by other markets from what I watch, but not in earnest right now. China might, ” might ” be fearful of devaluing again as reaction last time wasn’t taken well by even Chinese investors and they had to freeze the market a few times last time so might cause sell off of reserves which is counter to rising dollar which presently is good for gold. This is a IMO but may see gold drop on news but then recover. If it drops much below 1200 we’ll probably have to wait till next support. Equities are buying back stocks giving divvies and merging and low interest rates apparently helping them but investors at this points not sure. How long that can go on I don’t know.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:02 on May 26, 2016  

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe empties food-starved female prisons under amnesty

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has granted amnesty to all female prisoners except those on death row or serving life sentences, as prisons struggle to feed inmates due to lack of funding from the government.

Five prisoners died in March 2015 after being shot by police in a protest over food shortages, which turned violent as some of them attempted to break out of jail.

Mugabe announced the pardon through a government notice on Monday, without stating a reason for the move, and the release of prisoners started on Wednesday.



Posted by ipso facto @ 14:55 on May 26, 2016  

Re: Libya … of course the unicorns will gambol and rainbows crowd the sky when Nato puts boots on the ground there. No need for that barbaric relic? Emoji_1F601

re: mkt statistics … I think the Japanese gov now owns a substantial part of the Nikkei. I wonder how much the Fed gov owns of Wall Street?

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:42 on May 26, 2016  

Re Libya…that accounts for Gold being down 7 days in a row and counting !!!!!!!!!

Ps and while we are on mkt statistics…SM has taken 5 days to get back what it lost in 22 days …ie it went up 4.4 times faster than it fell..not sure any mkt in History has done that.

Foxconn replaces 60,000 humans with robots in China

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:41 on May 26, 2016  


Nato to intervene in Libya?

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:15 on May 26, 2016  

Greece, Italy and Malta close off airspace to Libyans amid NATO operation rumors



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:58 on May 26, 2016  

Still siding with Hillary trying to down play her ?!!( while trying to make Trump look like a right wing racist. A friends husband who happens to be married interracial, asian said he sick and tired of being called racist every time you don’t agree with something. That one sided street used to side tract from facts and using words like racist bullying.

Trump gets the 1237 needed

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:38 on May 26, 2016  

He’s to speak on TV soon.

Farmboy, thanks for your prayers and back at yeah. RNO would probably be more risky cuz some of those fish he catches noodling probably weigh more than I do. So you know something about scuba. It’s not a hobby like it was with Ororeef was just a opportunity when available. Yeah did plenty of those other things when younger and kids were young. Catch 22 ages. Can do more outdoors but then can’t. That included surfs up when one of them on my heels knowing that she’s find away to follow me despite being watched so better not. Things like oh I’ll watch her while seeing her put on his mask and fins behind him and head for the sea at age 4 thinking yeah right. Beyond never turn your back on ocean never take your eyes off kods for a second. Lot of things put on hold. Yep plenty of that other stuff including making their cloths and saving zippers lace and buttons on any throw always not waisting anything.

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