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Posted by ipso facto @ 23:24 on May 19, 2016  

Perhaps their failures are spurring them on.

The EU
PM suppression?
Trump rebellion


Posted by Buygold @ 22:02 on May 19, 2016  

That’s just a sudden, bizarre twist. I know Trump wants tariffs, but what the hell just happened? Where did that come from?

Now we have these sudden TSA long lines and a terrorist attack on Egyptair?

Maybe I’m over thinking but the NWO crowd seems to be on overdrive.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:01 on May 19, 2016  

Seems to me the Chinese will react somehow. They have a menu to choose from.

Worrisome to me recently hearing: China ready to go militarily … Russia ditto … and the US placing missiles on the borders with Russia. Perhaps Trump will rein in the aggressive policies of the NWO crowd. That’s what I’m hoping, Trump negotiating with Putin and withdrawing some of the provocation. With Hellary we know it will be just more of the same.


Posted by Buygold @ 20:05 on May 19, 2016  

Saw that ZH article about the tariffs, that is unbelievably inflationary and coincides with what I heard yesterday at my company with steel prices on the rise.

Good that we should make our own stuff but could get really ugly short term unless you own pm’s

treefrog @ 18:11-Who knows what is real anymore

Posted by Auandag @ 18:49 on May 19, 2016  

There is speculation that Anonymous is a gov op and they will use hackers to blame in case of meltdown. So much deviousness and so many deviants in charge, anything is possible.

ron paul’s wild and crazy cousins?

Posted by treefrog @ 18:11 on May 19, 2016  

i wonder if this is for real


What’s the Tat?

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:35 on May 19, 2016  

China Furious After US Launches Trade War “Nuke” With 522% Duty

Now that China’s brief infatuation with “rationalizing” excess capacity in its massively glutted (and insolvent) steel sector is over after lasting all of 2-3 months, China is back to doing what it did in late 2015 (and what it has always done) when as we reported, a surge in Chinese exports led to the first salvos in the trade war between China – the world’s biggest exporter of various steel products and is responsible for half the entire world’s steel output – and countries who are importing dumped Chinese products at the expense of their own steel and mining industries.

Nowhere has this trade tension been more obvious than in the UK, where in recent months angry, protesting steel workers have been demanding rising protectionist steps against a country they, rightfully, see as unleashing a global commodity deflation driven by out of control, and unprofitable by highly subsidized, production by Chinese steel mills.

The US was not left unscathed: we reported in December that “The Trade Wars Begin: U.S. Imposes 256% Tariff On Chinese Steel Imports” and since then things have progressively turned worse, finally culminating overnight with an outburst of anger from Chinese officials who, after attempting to flood not just the US but also the entire world with their commodity in general and steel in particular, exports…

cont. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-19/china-furious-after-us-launches-trade-war-nuke-522-duty

Farmboy 12:39

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:31 on May 19, 2016  

Yes I know and unless hildabeast gets in hopefully he’ll be removed from his post. I don’t think that the demos even like Killery and maybe plans to select another. This border issue has gone on for decades and took this long to bring up and when they do they make a mess of it. Those who try to get through legally like seasonal workers then go back home can’t get through while criminals  just walk across with their drugs or build tunnels. Both establishment republicans and demos have failed. They are not expanding wealth but contracting it and causing further divide of the haves and have nots for personal gain. Third world will continue to have more children than they can afford not the global means to feed them. It’s already happening now but they don’t stop. Taking in more wont stop it and as we see with here and europe welfare system only enables it.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:26 on May 19, 2016  

That Was a good close for us. Surprising!

Maybe the cretins have shot their bolt …


ipso-facto Yr 15.00 That was brilliant!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 16:05 on May 19, 2016  

Great close for the shares, as well


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:00 on May 19, 2016  

It’ll be Sodom on the Potomac!

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:57 on May 19, 2016  

If Hellary wins Lizzie will be Treasury Secretary…though Baby Hellary…. Chelsea…was looking like she wanted to jump her in that photo !!!!!!!


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:45 on May 19, 2016  

What I want to know is

Is Elizabeth Holmes going to jail?

Ororeef @ 22:08 on May 18

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:44 on May 19, 2016  

Oro, thanks for that comeback. I see we have a lot on common. Except the 22:35 on May 18, part about importing cheaper cars. Mathematically cheaper but very expensive in the long run.

Seventy Paris airport workers have security passes revoked over extremism fears

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:30 on May 19, 2016  

Suspected radical Islamists identified as authorities try to weed out potential terrorists working at Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports in wake of attacks on French capital

“Try to Weed them OUT “?     Why the Hell are they hiring Muslims to start with ?  There is no way to weed them out!

Political Correct MADNESS !

Muslim Security Guards in Paris ? How STUPID is THAT !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:19 on May 19, 2016  


Hillarys BLOOD MONEY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:05 on May 19, 2016  

edit for size…wj


The Corbett Report: Kissinger Awarded by Obama on Way to Meet Trump – #NewWorldNextWeek

Posted by silverngold @ 12:37 on May 19, 2016  

Theranos Chief Scientist commits suicide “nothing was working.”

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:32 on May 19, 2016  


How To Explain Hillary Clinton’s Fundraiser With Failed Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Scenes from the wreckage of the Democratic party.

HUI….so far just a second backtest of the breakout. Next PO is 320+

Posted by silverngold @ 12:15 on May 19, 2016  

HUI daily backtest

Silverngold sitting tight! Sorry but it won’t enlarge for me. Maybe that feature is not available in this new setup?? You can get a closer look by hitting Ctrl+ several times. Then hit Ctrl- to get back to normal size.

Argentina … a better place to do business these days

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:49 on May 19, 2016  

Samco Gold Signs Agreement With Yamana Gold Inc. for Sale of Corina Property and Discontinuance of Legal Action; Terminates Participation and Option Agreement


Scared Me There For A Minute Commish

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:21 on May 19, 2016  
commish @ 8:54 on May 19, 2016

The dark side.  Each taxpayer owes $161,044 towards the debt.

For a minute there I thought you were talking about REAL money. Phew !! 🙂

Reason for hope

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on May 19, 2016  

White House Watch: Trump 42%, Clinton 37%

Donald Trump has now grown his lead over Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen Reports’ first weekly White House Watch survey.

Trump earns 42% support to Clinton’s 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today. But Rasmussen Reports’ latest national telephone survey finds that 13% prefer some other candidate, while seven percent (7%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)


EgyptAir Jet Disappears Over Mediterranean Sea

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:45 on May 19, 2016  

The 66 on board, including a Briton, are feared dead amid reports that search teams have spotted two floating objects in the sea.

A Greek frigate searching for an EgyptAir jet which disappeared mid-flight from Paris to Cairo has discovered two large floating objects in the Mediterranean.

Greek defence officials told Reuters pieces of white and red plastic were spotted close to an area where a transponder signal was emitted earlier.

The discovery came as Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy said the plane was more likely to have been brought down by a “terror attack” than a technical fault,

A search is under way for the jet which disappeared with 56 passengers and 10 crew on board – including one British national.


Nem goes plus….so the dip is being bought and it’s only the Scum selling…..I hope they like jail….Bubba want’s to play Mummy and Daddy

Posted by Maddog @ 9:44 on May 19, 2016  

Nem just bounced 4.75 % off the opening Low…..someone wants in baaaad.

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