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@ Auandag @ 20:34 on April 28, 2016

Posted by old-timer @ 23:59 on April 28, 2016  

Thank you for posting that video.

I found it to be very satisfying.

Not so much for the picture he painted, but certainly for the way he painted it.

Not a rant, not a sermon, but a clear presentation of him defining his subject, truth.


Mr.Copper @ 17:32 on April 28, 2016 Let me tell you about Union Thugs

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:48 on April 28, 2016  

I spent 25 years in the Garment business in NJ.     The ILGWU union was supposed to hand out the vacation pay that was paid for by me.Well to make a long story short…They cashed the check,and then refused to pay the vacation pay to 150 employees ..Their reason was the money was stolen from the Union hall safe !   I said you still have to pay,you cashed the check.!  They refused so I paid the workers again out of my pocket .and then told them and the union to get lost, there will be no more union dues collected in this shop.Anybody that wants to stay in the Union can go down to the Union Hall and pay it directly to them…So we kept them out for 5 years ..Then they started picketing ..we refused to acknowledge them.In NJ its not a right to work State.So they bribed the State to force an election .WE protested that we had the right to verify that those that requested the election worked here .The State refused us ,they said we verified it.So they rented a place across the street and had their election ,and ONE person went to vote.  They then threatened us saying if we dont get back in we will make sure some union will get you and one of us will keep requesting State help until we do .We told them to Fuck off.

They then requested a private meeting in the Back Room  where they said “you can change the piece work rates if you like and cut them ,all we are interested in is the DUES !.  IN NJ  if the Boss signs up the worker is forced to either join or quit her job !   So workers have no right to a job….Well after that betrayal of the very people they purported to represent we threw then down the stairs physically !.  They later got the Electrical Workers Union to harass us ,just like they threatened they would.      after months of harassment I figured out what to do !  I told my Uncle ,my Father and his business partner I will take them out myself…they said what are you going to do ,I said watch ….    This was the 1960’s and one third of the employees were Cubans that were decimated by Castro and his co-Horts.   This was my ACE in the HOLE.What the union didnt know was two things ..1. I knew that years before the Electrical Workers Union was infiltrated by Communists .The UNIION didnt know that one third of the workers were Cubans.

I got together with an employee named Ophelia who they all looked up to ..I said Ophelia do you know that this union is Communist ..she was shocked !..

She winked at me and said I FIX them….The next day the Union was gone after months of harassment …

By the WAy for you to say I was not effected by imports  theres more to the story…The Gubberment sold us out eventually by 1969  and exported 95 % of all the Garment worker jobs from 500,00o garment worker jobs down to almost zero !…    We not only fought the Unions but finally the Government did us in …neither one was worth a shit  ….It wasent because we werent productive  ,I could compete in Production with any country ,but they went to wage areas that were 95 % cheaper in wages than the US .   The garment industry is labor intensive. In the end My Father and his partner retired and I left the industry ….I had to re make my self coming from a family owned business that we were very good at for 45 years, my Father retired & I left.

All our friends in the business had the same done to them….!

500,000 jobs …..not simply 5000 but 500,000 ! in NY ,NJ area

The Dollar Has To Go Down To Make America Great Again

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:17 on April 28, 2016  

Look at the charts. That straight up dollar “rally” in 2014 was done manually on purpose, not natural market forces. They “threw a 1.5 year bone” to Europe and Japan et al.

The dollar down move in late ’15 early ’16 is ALSO a manual adjustment. Back to rebuilding the US consumer taxpayer, of which all countries depend on for various reasons. Dopey/dollar will probably drop fast for at least 6 months.


Here, see Gold bottom late 2015 around $1060 I think it was.

Here you can see oil coming back. The charts are not for predictions. They are for SEEING or confirming what you think TPTB are doing, and what is going on.

Armstrong probably does not even play gold mining stocks. He and many others have totally MISSED the move and are getting sick about it and are hoping for a crash.

Damn just gets better

Posted by Buygold @ 22:57 on April 28, 2016  
GOLD 04/28/2016 22:55 1280.90 1281.90



1246.90 1281.90
SILVER 04/28/2016 22:55 17.84 17.94



17.11 17.95

My Predictions re Armstrong Silver Warning 18:19

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:47 on April 28, 2016  

What the hell does that guy know? Did he call the bottom on Dec 3rd like I did? A hole in one. So who is he to call a top? A top in Silver or Gold means Armstrong thinks the dollar is going higher. That is not going to happen for a while now.

The top is going to happen when the quack buffoons decide to start a new up-trend in the dollar. The charts are worthless. All turning points are gov’t news related. For the most part they control pain and pleasure, water or no water, stimulation or remove stimulation globally by changing currency values.

Dec 3rd:

Dollar Rally Over?

Dec 10 repeating the turn:

Dollar Down Today As Predicted Yesterday, Whats Next??

Dec 17 Dollar dropping, commodities bottoming:

Re Yesterday’s Quarter Point Rate Hike

Dec 22 reaffirming Gold bottom dollar top:

ipso facto @ 20:11 I Agree With The Gold Bottom

Jan 6 ’16, Dollar topped:


Jan 7th Real estate will drop from here:

Dollar Down Today As Predicted Yesterday, Whats Next??

Jan 26 Gold bottom predictions confirmed:

Gold Bottom Predictions From Dec 3rd

Gold Bottom Predictions From Dec 3rd

Frostbite @ 18:34

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:15 on April 28, 2016  

Frosty thanks for the comeback, but I have a hard time understanding you. Are you in another nation?

@ Farmboy A Real American re 18:26

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:12 on April 28, 2016  

Nice truck Farmboy. You can’t beat a 4X4 Ford pick up truck. I had an ’05 dark blue loaded Ford E-150 cargo van with a finished interior. I regretted selling it. It went to a 65 year old surfer. Those little economy cars are not for me. Tiny little wheels, too light, and dangerous in an accident.

Who needs 35 MPG to the point of impact? I owned V8 cars when a kid and entry level. So I refuse to step down to save fuel for big brother that wastes all the fuel delivering screw drivers across land and ocean.

Well shucks

Posted by Buygold @ 22:03 on April 28, 2016  
GOLD 04/28/2016 22:00 1274.60 1275.60



1246.90 1278.30
SILVER 04/28/2016 22:00 17.73 17.84



17.11 17.93

Moggy @ 18:00 re Exports Good Imports Bad

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:57 on April 28, 2016  

Re the
“South American coffee and sugar or bananas from Costa Rica, or tomatoes and vegetables from Mexico.”

I know about all that stuff too. We have no choice to avoid them. My gripe is that Automobiles are the most expensive consumer product after a house. And thankfully, real patriotic Americans still had a choice, but most simply took the bait.

Rat poison. Eat now die later. Too many ate the 1969 Toyota, and we all, or most people not gov’t employed, real tax payers, all went thru a slow gradual economic decline. One wage earner in ’69, and by 1979 two wage earners were needed. Taxes kept rising to support a growing number of tax absorbers.

I was in manufacturing, and paying taxes, and got NEGATIVE support from the gov’t, who made agreements with big corporations and other foreign gov’ts to share my work with greedy needy foreign nations.

Importing is fine, if we export an equal or more amount of dollars or man hours. Look how we export “$100” worth of Boeing aircraft, and import “$10,000” worth of cars tools and toys with lead paint. This is why its all finally ending after ’08.

Back in the 60s and ’70s “income inequality” was a global concern. USA too rich and all other countries too poor. Now these days the income inequality and food stamps and welfare jobs are in the USA.

silver 17.70

Posted by treefrog @ 21:30 on April 28, 2016  

breakout, retest, takeoff!


Posted by treefrog @ 21:21 on April 28, 2016  

dollar/yen ratio falling below 108.    bleeding red.

Armstrong and 9/11

Posted by Buygold @ 20:49 on April 28, 2016  

I wonder if Armstrong takes into account anything other than charts? It sure appears there might be something other than technicals driving the pm market right now. These are the good old days according to the way the shares are acting and taking the lead. Actually, I think the money masters have done a helluva job keeping pm’s at bay so far, but the shares are telling another story, and apparently smart money in the shares are predicting the metals are going much higher.

Maybe we are due for a slaughter soon – probably- but this is the best action we’ve seen in 13-14 years. JMHO

Heard Santelli on gold today but can’t find the video on CNBS – said if negative rates continue gold will explode, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

As for 9/11 I think we’d be hard pressed on the tent to find anyone who believes the official story.

no sense





Copper, if you really want to know what happened to America. watch this!

Posted by Auandag @ 20:34 on April 28, 2016  


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:13 on April 28, 2016  

28 April 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Gold and silver got some legs today, following through in a reasonably well-behaved manner to the upside in this current trend channel, which can be easily seen on the chart.

It is challenging its old nemesis, the overhead resistance at 1270 which has been capping rallies for several weeks. I suspect gold will be breaking out to the upside once it can clear that resistance, and take a crack at running up to the top of the trend channel which is around 1310-1320 about the place where I think gold may meet it.

The cup and handle is looking good, but will not activate until we break out and stick a close through the top of this trend channel which nicely defines what is a slanted cup.

Last night I had a look at a different chart for gold that indicates that if the cup and handle does activate, it will reach its next big battle around the 1550 level, which is the lower bound of the trend channel that it had been in prior to the breakdown in price and the bear market which seems to be near ending.

Gold and silver are manipulated markets, being traded as currencies and abstractions, especially with regard to gold. As you know I am expecting the pressures on the ‘gold float’ to assert their dominance over the highly leveraged paper markets at some time around midyear, maybe with the June contract.

However, forecasting markets that are rigged by determined financial engineering with a relatively free hand to do naughty and perhaps even foolish things is difficult. So we ought to be prepared for a broader range of the usual outcomes from charts like these.

The buck went down today, most likely on the weaker than expected GDP estimate, and the likelihood that any Fed rate hikes will be short lived indeed.

Silver is not the leader at this point, as that role is being fulfilled by gold. I don’t think that says anything about a precious metals bull market. It seems to indicate that this rally is being driven by more monetary issues particular to gold, and the structure of the physical gold market, than a general inflationary move in commodities.

cont. http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/

nope sorry joe

Posted by eeos @ 19:38 on April 28, 2016  

Layers and layer of excuses. Smells like BS. I don’t believe for a NANO second that there will be EVER be a program that can predict or forecast the future. Marty or anyone. Here would you like to buy some snake oil?


and Hey frosty I was agreeing with you. But I tricked you into reading what you wanted to read.

We have another problem besides cars

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:35 on April 28, 2016  

After they about outsourced everything they could now it’s constant insourcing. The republicans have done nothing about this or the borders and ghet wonder why if it wasn’t for Trump they’d have no party to talk about. People are done with them and their bipartisan sell outs. Made in the USA BY WHO?
Intel Lays Off 12,000 After Seeking Visas to Import 14,523 Foreign Professionals Since 2010

Ororeef @ 16:43 – DITTO

Posted by Auandag @ 19:28 on April 28, 2016  

I know someone who rebuilds cars for a living-says some of the older toyotas are indestructible-says Gm & Chrysler make throw away cars

I just love this evening editor

Posted by Walker @ 19:13 on April 28, 2016  

the marvel..hence .. trust me ..you were never educated to the real history..trust me….they are sheep ..the others are living sheep..define living sheep? social society…

but why do i care..

9/11 show me one large plane hitting the pentagon..The most protected building in America..show me..and than

Just what level of ..it is not there..than the level of WTC 7.. but we all are

The simple words shared

Posted by Walker @ 19:01 on April 28, 2016  

Come on frosty..9/11..you folks were lost then..to suggest..a higher level of shared discussion… not this evening with this level of less ..hence why left


Folks..people need truth..or the very best of opinion and trust..

we all know we are in harm ending..timing of the third unknown..the story rending.. written. did i mention sunglasses..?

armstrong charts

Posted by joe12pack @ 18:50 on April 28, 2016  

Maybe they look old because he’s been working on his Socrates computer program since the 90’s which the NY banks tried to steal from him and threw him in jail for the better part of 11 years without charge since he would not hand it over.

He is in the process of migrating the thousands of lines of source code over to a modern platform so that should satisfy the short attention span internet generation who are more concerned about how things look than the amazing fact that his models can forecast the future.

What’s that expression about casting pearls before swine… I think that is appropriate here.

Present Discussion

Posted by commish @ 18:49 on April 28, 2016  


C’mon Frosty 9/11 looks legit

Posted by eeos @ 18:40 on April 28, 2016  

I can’t believe people are so easily tricked by the slight of hand. you know, violation of the laws of physics that have been established for at least several hundred years. And not even educated professionals can see. We are blind and dumb

Just a …if you were ..wise smile

Posted by Walker @ 18:34 on April 28, 2016  


The title was Mr. Copper

A honorable man…an American man of this time ..educated..allow me ..he I trust.but..then he never was shared the Leveled  truth.

The flag..we all see . Please. The real point from the very highest levels of trust, we, as a people, have been  in reality ..lied to..into simple English language terms. Everyone knows  9/11 is a very complex story. Iraq, Libya ..are others stories any ..person must see or be..afraid to question? Or something else. I am bought by  government p

The killing field..the reality to those young….PEOPLE WHO .. in fact …well..

may point..American manufacturing, loses are but a one toe foot print, of the monster.

Hello, WHO  , enjoys the day and everyday! and why…Mr.  Copper ..a wise ,man. stop looking at your small world and think ..think .. fellow the money….in  a new world ..there were optionally new rules..but. you fail to understand the old masters were ..always there..

Trust me and read..it is all there. You  lived in the very best of times..trust me..when you shared the finest with them ( the fine life) ..and they….always knew you were..hum not them..trust me..Copper..even when you may imagine ..smile.

You may wish  to understand the country, Belgium..what a story..Center of all of new EU..the blend of Leopold..for those level; five in chess.

They were there playing power before the last placed Victoria.. But at this level i have certainly lost most. Victoria ..queen..but please look into the power play of the real ..and then you think. well..you know nothing..trust me you do not LOL

Mr. Copper ..upstate new York and cars..

Allow the imagination to ask..How and why would a high level society think

Queen and king on any level of  ..I will bend my knee..because you are royal..please review the above..

Copper ..start looking at 9/11 stop shopping the darn ..manufacturing story..we bought other stuff. I honor you.

If Armstrong is so good at TA

Posted by eeos @ 18:26 on April 28, 2016  

Why does he use a 2 cent chart? Doesn’t tell me diddly

Mr.Copper @ 15:19 If It Aint A Ford Truck, Why Drive ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:26 on April 28, 2016  

Mr Copper, I would like you to meet ole Betsy. Sweet 16 and still going strong. Course, like me, she has had a few rough rides and has the dents and dings to prove it. And heaven knows she could use a hot bath and get her toes painted. But I see it all as she has character, and you just cant find that on the showroom of some New Car Dealer. She already has outlasted 1 and 1/2 wives and a few girlfriends to boot. And she is just as comfortable sitting in the church parking lot as parked knee deep in some creek.


To tell ya the truth, there are some days I could use a car. One of those cute convertibles would be nice. Lost a good straw hat that way once. But I do a little ‘recycling’ of my own from time to time. You know, trying to keep those nasty carbon fees at bay and all that stuff. OK, so I admit, I like to do a little dumpster diving and salvaging (scavenging) when the opportunity arises. And I have to have my truck. Which reminds me, they are tearing down some old farmer’s brick house just down the road to put in another subdivision. I need to stop by and see if I can have the used brick to build one of those pizza ovens like Winedoc  has.


Yes sir, I love my ole Ford Truck. American born and raised just like me. I been trying to score a few extra points with the man upstairs hoping He might let me bring her with me one of these days. So far the only answer to my prayers is ” Farmboy, forget about it. I’m having to bend a few rules just to let you in as it is. Going to tell you the same thing I told Noah when he wanted to bring his boat. Aint happening!”

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