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I , we all know..

Posted by Walker @ 23:48 on April 16, 2016  

9/11 ..you know..I know..they know, everyone in Europe knows, Putin knows, every one knows ….my god wtc7 witnesses knows


But we all are were silent….look a train ..I have ??

Iraq and Libya, fuck all the region!  you know , i know every European historical bandit knows ..we exploited the Region.. for generations ..killing millions

they are here ..I would suggest .. they remember  …we kill  and destroyed their homeland,

The south of border troop..well only a


My point..the strong will provide..

Define strong.it will be the insightful..



And the room is silent

Posted by Walker @ 23:08 on April 16, 2016  

Once upon a time …this would have created a debate..I believe? You think!

Old copper..living in his time . he and i lived..But he stayed on the train ..never ever saw the Hello.

My point, I do not need health, train, Hawaiian, look a my dog or cat, or any more feel good titillation…we all need reality!

Allow me..when this train stops . you will need to know how to ..be a friend to others .

So, please stop the .train up and down the hill.bullshit.I feel good and you to share ..how my personal life can be..

Believe me..in this end game time..a real time..you will not do well..seen

So the china game on the 18-19th..if they mark gold ? what do you think/ i mentioned a real stock no one mentioned share others..walk together,…

The future of all nations are booked..silly..allow us to all understand the reality


Posted by silverngold @ 20:59 on April 16, 2016  



an old point

Posted by Walker @ 20:01 on April 16, 2016  

9/11 was ..a real event..it was a controlled event……a controlled event later event..to everyone..we all lied to ourselves ..

we all KNOWN … it was a nice dare to suggest.  WTC7… what was that?? an then..what was that..we all forgot? We knew..we all lied to ourselves..Have you eve looked at the real

And then we post here..we post we all forgot..  when when we were there? In the time  to    REAL


folks then editing .is now an real




if… then… if… then… if…

Posted by treefrog @ 19:34 on April 16, 2016  

if …  congress presses ahead with an inquiry into the 9-11 events, the saudis are likely to be implicated – at least in part – in the twin towers attack.  they can read the cards as well as anybody, and they know what the hole cards are.  if…  they are implicated, it is likely that their assets will be encumbered.  they are threatening to unload their dollar assets to avoid having them frozen/seized.    …What then???

if…  anybody tries to unload that many dollars on any but the longest time frame, it will cause such a dollar glut as has never been seen.  this would lead directly to a sharp bearish move in the international exchange value of the dollar.

next question, boys and girls, if they roll out of dollars, what do they roll into?  likely into a combination of any and all stores of value they can buy with dollars.  it’s not rocket science to figure out that silver and gold will feature prominently on the list.  this leads directly to a sharp bullish move in metals prices – particularly as expressed in dollars.  the same will probably hold true for euros, swiss francs, sterling, etc.

even if congress doesn’t push through with the inquiry into 9-11 this summer, the donald has been expressing interest in just why almost all of the twin towers bombers were saudis.  the towers were in his home town, after all.

we live in interesting times.

maya – If You Travel Down To Kailua- Kona

Posted by commish @ 19:27 on April 16, 2016  

12994423_1308930272468530_1483312025449415077_n Check out Steve’s for your auto needs.

I just got the following email from a friend:

Posted by silverngold @ 19:22 on April 16, 2016  

“Dear Silverngold,

do you follow GLD gold holdings?
At the peak gold price, holdings were 826 tonnes.
Then it started going down all the way to 806 tonnes, as of Thursday night.
Just checked it now, and it stands at 812 tonnes.
So, it might mean Monday will be a good day for gold.
This was my answer to that friend:
Dear old Friend,
When Goldman Sachs first created GLD I checked their charter and learned there would be no audits allowed. and all their gold would be stored in some London warehouse location they would not disclose. My bet then, and now, is that they have NO GOLD and never had any. They were created IMO to take the pressure off the gold market, giving investors an easy way to buy gold but in actual fact their investments were used to manipulate the sector. My bet was and still is that all the gold held by GLD would fit into a small letter size envelope, and the only thing in that envelope is a piece of paper with some digits on it. So whether they show more or less gold only means they have more or less investor money to control the sector.

I think this correction is over and those who buy GLD are just fooling themselves. GLD is an ETF and ETF’s are nothing but derivatives, and derivatives are an uncontrolled market. My guess too is that when things go far enough against TPTB they will simply de-list GLD and screw all the fools who thought they were actually buying a piece of physical gold. Same with all the other ETF’s with the possible exception of Sprott who I still believe holds the physical.

That’s my 2 cents Old Friend.  All the Best….  Silverngold

You are now there?

Posted by Walker @ 19:19 on April 16, 2016  

The world of posting here? I am certain….it is a now a new world old of …for them..

to all you failed yourself.. when you never understood

If you believe

Posted by Walker @ 19:05 on April 16, 2016  

The window of my last posts…and you know me….well the game is ..please ..prepare yourself

Just a insight ..a

The old and new

Posted by Walker @ 18:56 on April 16, 2016  

My words ..are now gone…they were ONCE directed to Mr copper..and we..well i do not lol

And all is well.. sheep focused..never  every  look ,look right or left..march on..

My point ..the complete edit to copper??



I am think

Posted by Walker @ 18:49 on April 16, 2016  

We here have lost the pathway. This was once ..a ..different place.

I am certain and honor all here today..I believe many lost the real importance. Gold/ the web of / money/power/

The health venue..without the freedom of here …well it is gone

The end ..NWO.

an enlighten sharing of an old poster whom has never paid to comment here..My friends..allow me you were never educated ..think about it ..the time line ..the poor were allow …and then..the

I smile..it was just edited..

Allow .not a proud statement..Once upon a time..I stood and believed ..Once upon a time .I believed we could do  a wonderful thing..I have witnessed the truth..

I am certain..good people will..





Frostbite @ 18:29

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:48 on April 16, 2016  

Thanks for the comeback, but I’m not sure of the point you are making. Are you in the USA?

re Your I’m “walking in an old pathway of knowledgeable history”?
I “need to think outside? (the box?)
And I need to “open my eyes”?
“you own Wood lots”?
I’m on an “old pathway of knowledgeable history”?

I constantly think outside the box since the 1960s JFK killing, the Vietnam era etc regarding how things are, how they got this way, and what the future will bring.

I have always enjoyed mr. copper

Posted by Walker @ 18:29 on April 16, 2016  

I would suggest, he once stood each morning, in front of a wooden desk, standing, after the lord’s pray..eyes to the flag…like  Frostbite did. and Believed. I believed..i stood

My point..I believe…

I NOW know the leadership was “compromised long ago”..but we still..in our life and ..well enough those days….they are now gone!!!!

I would suggest ..Mr.copper only walked in his small world. ( allow me this comment has no disrespect. A true American who has arrived and never ever understood how he got here..Allow me we all left there..) My point which i shared long ago with goldrunner..real history.

Ok ..this message is gold..the real message ..the old controllers are here NOW ..has anyone really read the Constitution..WHy would they write these rights….what would motivate the need >I am absolutely certain..if you would spend the time


Mr. Copper..I honor you..but you are walking in an old pathway of  knowledgeable history..the key..that world is gone..

and insight .you need to think outside ..please open your eyes..Hello..mr.copper I own wood lots ..that one comment should


I have not cut..

what were their insight??

it was all shared long ago..

Re The Manipulated Dollar, The Note Is Their Tool To Play Dirty Pool

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:18 on April 16, 2016  

Take a look at that FIRST big down spike on Dec 3rd. That was the central planners way to change the prior direction. Abort the positive long “betting” on dollar futures. Naturally the dollar bulls ignored it. Prior up-trend bets or momentum continued.

Now look at the three big February drops. AGAIN, TPTB controlled futures market, BLASTED the “players” again to wake them up to stop betting long. Same thing again, the dollar bulls ignored those drops and created another up-let into the start of March.

The long dollar futures players got their asses handed to them AGAIN. Lower lows and lower highs after Dec 3rd. It will probably sink in now for them to stop fighting the Fed, and let or help the dollar go lower.

Yes we have “free markets” AFTER the master planners give the market a shove and then get “free market” help. 🙂 These quacks can do and get anything they want.

When they want you to stop spending, cool inflation, and want you SAVE money?? They raise rates to 21%.

When they want you to borrow and SPEND? To PROMOTE their stupid 2% inflation? Support home and auto sales? They lower rates to zero, and presto, “natural market forces” make people buy cars and real estate.


US Dollar Going Much Lower

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:56 on April 16, 2016  

According to Mr Copper and this chart? The dollar is on short term bounce that was manually started in June 2014.

Long term the chart shows lower highs and lower lows, and the start of a another drop. The recent higher Dollar was to give short term help for Europe and Japan who are spoiled and can’t take, not used to pain.


Us controlled digit is strong? Dollar

Posted by Walker @ 17:47 on April 16, 2016  

As we all await this coming week..or those that do not KNOW!!!

The hello moment or we are directed to the next months or ..lol years to reality


The coming events..we are all fubared or we will await the coming LOL  the digit …will be there to control you.

allow me to  humbug this last post..as the band music plays..on..I smile ..we were all here long ago sharing the same ..this can not continue.

On another note..it is 85f in the Canadian north west this week ..all is well..March on..what is on the digit powered directorial pathway? ..

The best..enjoy ..

US Dollar going much higher

Posted by joe12pack @ 16:38 on April 16, 2016  

According to Rick’s Pick’s Hidden Pivot system the US dollar is incredibly strong and head much higher over the coming years. His system looks for thrusts that exceed previous peaks without a pullback. Exceeding two or more previous peaks is considered “impulsive” and very strong. In this case we have 6 prior peaks blasted before a pullback. Now we are having the pullback and then next leg up will challenge the previous all time highs. I project the dollar to 114 minimum. It could go much higher.


Just in for a coffee break but this might interest some.

Posted by silverngold @ 16:10 on April 16, 2016  


4/15/2016 — Major Earthquakes Strike Japan — Pacific Unrest Obvious — West Coast USA on watch   

What is says to me is that women have great intentions

Posted by eeos @ 16:00 on April 16, 2016  

and usually are looking for men that compliment their lives and want men that are true contributors. There’s more than an abundance of man-children out there, but plenty of stand up men too. It’s hard to sort through people these days. it’s still a case by case basis

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 15:40 on April 16, 2016  

It’s a rocky road we cling to… twisting and turning, ever struggling uphill…





Posted by Moggy @ 12:47 on April 16, 2016  

And what does that say for men???

I watched a TV show a few days ago (a Classic on GULLABLE WHITE WOMEN)

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:21 on April 16, 2016  

about a Real Con artist that conned 38 white women that were single moms and he took every one of them for everything they had  .He never worked ,he used his good looks to sweet talk them into supporting him .He kissed them in Public ,they loved it.He even went to Church with them,they loved it.He did the dishes ,they loved it ,He played with their children ,they loved it.He was Mr Perfect until she came across a WEB Page of EX Lovers for Mr Perfect  and they warned her ,but she chose not to believe them  until one day he said his Grandmother died and he had to go away for 2 weeks.When he came back he was acting strange ,he said he inherited 47,000 . and gave the Girlfriend a sum of about $1000 to make up for her supporting him . out of curiosity she she got his cell phone and dialed his Grandmothers number and guess what ..The Grandmother answered and gave her an earful about her lieing Grandson who gave him money for the last time.  He finally decided to finally leave for Greener pastures taking her cell phone,Laptop and credit cards ..she finally realized how GULLIBLE she was and wanted to get even…WEll ..they finally caught up to him ..thats when they found out about the other 38 women that he lived off of for years .A judge gave him a year in Jail   ! Not bad after 38 women got taken for a ride.He never had a job !  As further evidence  of GULLABILITY they all seemed to be single Parents  …


Posted by Moggy @ 11:02 on April 16, 2016  

This one is for all the men who blame women for the problems in America:


Gullable White Women

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:47 on April 16, 2016  

need to stay home this election !    They got Obama Elected ..how did that work out ?   Now they are being FOCUSED on by Hillary  as her last shot to get in.

A Republican White women told Trump .”Why cant you be more like your sons ”     the reason is White women like the RESULTS that Trump has ,but dont like the way he does it !   I say vote for GO for  RESULTS… and stop trying to tell him how to do his JOB.YOU GULLABLE white women have made a mess of things.They are now being Pandered too by the WORST Political Hacks in the Country. Sanders Panders to white women with a mental Gullable ratio of a 14 year old GIRL ….very impressionable by idealistic lies …A BLACK male friend of mine once told me White Women are so GULLABLE   and ..Every Black Man knows this ….No black women would ever believe some of the things they say !

Auandag, Ororeef

Posted by Buygold @ 10:37 on April 16, 2016  

Auandag – thanks for the Turd. Going to be interesting, hope it goes our way.

Ororeef – yes a diversion away from the real culprits. I just wonder if the Saudi’s are about to be set up for collapsing our economy via the petrodollar and then being blamed for 9/11

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