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Toast to Irish

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:54 on March 17, 2016  


Return of the Flying Scotsman

Posted by overton @ 23:50 on March 17, 2016  

Interesting Interview of Doug Casey in 1980

Posted by Auandag @ 23:37 on March 17, 2016  


Posted by ipso facto @ 22:48 on March 17, 2016  

It seems the “end of the oil” theme has stepped back quite a few steps. Maybe the world economy is even worse than we think.

I will say that I’m glad this is a forum for PM’s and not oil

Posted by eeos @ 22:39 on March 17, 2016  

Because if I rode that puppy down, it’d made me pretty sick. Anyone in oil without protection and an exit plan was crushed

Yea I think of Jack “Irish” from time to time

Posted by eeos @ 22:34 on March 17, 2016  

It was a real trip meeting him out here in Colorado with soee and my pops. Jack was pioneer in many ways. Willing to take risk and loved adventure. You could tell he loved family and friends. He was passionate and dynamic. He was a risk taker. Not just a thinker sitting on his ass. He got out there and lived life

Silver $16.05

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:06 on March 17, 2016  


and where is Deadeye these days? Anyone have contact?

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:04 on March 17, 2016  

Hope all is well. Stop in and say hello friend.


Posted by ipso facto @ 22:04 on March 17, 2016  

We should all raise a glass to Irish tonight …

Plans to Dump Trump on TrueNews.com

Posted by newtogold @ 22:03 on March 17, 2016  



Posted by puptent @ 21:47 on March 17, 2016  

I’m so sick of this woman’s BS Ive decided it’s her turn.

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:26 on March 17, 2016  

Ludwig Lenz worked at the Sex Research Institute in Berlin, which was destroyed by Hitler’s Brown Shirts in 1933 likely because its records, including 40,000 confessions from members of the Nazi Party, would have exposed the sexual perversions of Nazi leadership. Lenz said that “not ten percent of the men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal.”
In fact, the Nazi Party began in a gay bar in Munich, and Ernst Roehm, Hitler’s right hand in the early days of Nazism, was well-known for his taste in young boys. William Shirer says in his definitive “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” not only that Roehm was “important in the rise of Hitler,” but also “like so many of the early Nazis, (he was) a homosexual.”
More here

SHOCK: Trudeau advisor makes stabbing joke after terrorist knife attack at Canadian Armed Forces recruitment office

Posted by silverngold @ 19:52 on March 17, 2016  
The Rebel
On Monday, a Muslim terrorist stabbed two soldiers at a Canadian Armed Forces recruitment office in Toronto. He said he was acting in the name of Allah, the Muslim god.

It was a shocking attack, and luckily neither soldier died.

But later that night Justin Trudeau’s senior advisor, Gerald Butts, thought it would be funny to publish a joke about stabbing.

Click here to see his shocking “joke” with your own eyes.

While the rest of the country was praying for the lives of two brave soldiers, senior Liberals were laughing.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Do you know the only thing more disgusting than a Liberal making a stabbing joke the day two soldiers were stabbed? The fact that 100% of the mainstream media ignored Butts’ indiscretion. They’re covering for him.

P.P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your friends, and tell them to click here to see the news for themselves.

Maddog @ 17:41 Re The Euro has to die at some point,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:30 on March 17, 2016  

My take on the situation? Opposite. After the 2008 meltdown I believe TPTB (global quacks) decided it was high time to rebuild the USA for their own future good. They started lowering the dollar to help USA after ’08. Actually they started dropping dollar in ’01 at 120 dollar index.

The logic would be that the rest of the world was rebuilt after 1945, and by 2008, non USA countries were rebuilt enough, and USA was taken advantage of for so long after 1975 until 2008. After which they HAD to reverse the “situation”.

The USA, on the balls of its ass in 2009 after a long decline from 1975, (34 years) and the rest of the world started down after ’08 with a loaf under each arm.

The “recent” stronger dollar and lower Euro Yen etc that started in June 2014, was imo done to give temporary help for the newly declining Europe Japan etc. They probably figured USA was strong enough by June ’14 and Europe etc were hurting, so they decided to put USA recovery on a temporary hold mode that just ended Dec third.

My view USA recovery is back on, and Euro Yen etc were “thrown a bone” to shut them up a while. They are going back to continued slow gradual stealth pain probably for decades. The future for China Japan Europe Mexico etc will be exactly like USA’s future after 1979.

Mark my words. My hobby is telling the future. 🙂

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 17:41 on March 17, 2016  

The Euro has to die at some point, it is killing everyone, even Germans I know, who were very pro, are now anti.

Slowly the Germans are waking up to being the schmucks that are wearing the bill.

It is just a matter of time.

**Cabal at work** **Cabal at work**

Posted by eeos @ 17:29 on March 17, 2016  

Look at Silver up 4.70% for the day and SLW down .45%. Nothing to see here folks, move along!

Buygold asked yesterday about my view on the Dollar,It took awhile because of some Puter problem

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:58 on March 17, 2016  


anyways….I have added some upcoming dates..This is a Pattern ,not a specific price level ,the dates represent turning points ..Its basicly UP until MAY 15  and just happens to coinside with my Bottoming date in Gold of MAY 13 followed by a BIG LIFT-off.  Its my opinion only ,I have no special info…


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:36 on March 17, 2016  

Sounds like you think the current euro will go the way of the Dodo. Maybe a Northern and Southern … or maybe the countries concerned will decide it just doesn’t make sense?

“That means there is a mountain of EU savings/investment money gonna flow into PM’s.”

I can handle that! I imagine the Americans will in bulk be the last to figure out what’s going on, the national hobby being obliviousness.

March 17 was my turnaround date

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:33 on March 17, 2016  

I guess we will see if we turn down or not soon.

Developed a Problem

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:28 on March 17, 2016  

with “NO SCRIPT” apparently they did an update of some sort that caused Stockcharts  to stop working .

If anyone has the same problem disable it until theres a workaround done.  Im using LINUX Ubuntu 14:04  and Firefox Browser  ..could be the problem is unique to that combination …In any case if you develop a similar problem disable it until it gets fixed….I think GOOGLE didnt like it as it effects advertising revenue….

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 16:18 on March 17, 2016  

A ZIRP world for the Euro is guaranteed, as long as the Euro exists, as there is no way in hells chance that the Club Med or France will ever flourish inside the Euro.

That means there is a mountain of EU savings/investment money gonna flow into PM’s.

Maddog @ 15:24

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:06 on March 17, 2016  

re: Munich Re … I’m sure there will be others right behind them, companies whose officers are far sighted enough to want to save their companies.

Even though I’m not the one to hang their hat on TA … in the big picture I do hope we are in the “Wave 3.” alternately titled “Goldbugz get some back.”


Natural News: The complete history of Monsanto, the world’s most EVIL corporation

Posted by silverngold @ 15:57 on March 17, 2016  
The Health Ranger  

Did you know that Monsanto created the Agent Orange chemical that harmed over three million children and adults in Vietnam?

Did you know that Monsanto also developed cancer-causing saccharin and brain-damaging aspartame, both chemical sweeteners that were pushed through the regulatory process using deceptive science?

Monsanto is far more than just the world’s most dangerous chemical company and seed monopolist… it’s also a corporation with a dark history that’s steeped in evil crimes against humanity and nature.

To learn the full, shocking history of Monsanto, read my article today.

This PM action all makes perfect Scumsense in Scumworld

Posted by Maddog @ 15:56 on March 17, 2016  

Mkt breaks out to new Hi’s on huge Vol…so what do u do next day in Scumworld……u sell hell out of it.

I would love to know just how short the Scum are of PM stox, that tks to the Porn addicted SEC, they never have to borrow, let alone deliver, because I would bet they are short way beyond the total issues many times over.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:24 on March 17, 2016  

re Munich Re

In Elliot Wave Theory that is classic Wave 3 action, when the Pro’s/Funds etc come into a bull mkt. Wave 1 (250-1920) is when only the diehards and the very smart operators are in….Wave 2 dn was (1900-1050) and many get thrown off…Now we shud be in Wave 3 ( 1050- to ?????)and news like that helps to confirm it.

Wave 5 is when the general public pile in and drive prices up like mad and the very smart operators, start getting out…….

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