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Posted by WANKA @ 23:58 on March 5, 2016  



Posted by Moggy @ 22:33 on March 5, 2016  

Thanks for your observations.  Trump needs to garner those 99 delegates from Florida.




Posted by goldielocks @ 22:29 on March 5, 2016  

I don’t know yet. A lot of Demos here. A male friend retired IRA up there in clearance is for Trump. People mostly not talking about it. I just know there are PTB here who will Try to divert Repubs away from Trump for the club which appears in deep here including with Mexico. Also people have to stop falling for that BS a vote for Trump assures Hillary will win, Id rather go out fighting than surrender to their BS and it’s not sure she will even be in the elections. Either way you’d lose. One said in response he’d rather go out quick with if Hillary got it than with the Repub club and slow death. “That is if Hillary won or even got that far.” That about sums it up. The independents and constitutional conservatives are more likely to vote for Trump Vs Hispanic voters ” ie the wall and visas to others” Trump voters will do best we can but also we have to worry about ” who is counting those votes downtown.”  Thats why I hope he’s already won before it gets here in about June.

Election news

Posted by Moggy @ 21:09 on March 5, 2016  

Cruz took Kansas and Maine.

@ Wanka:  Trump is not in trouble yet, so far he has more delegates.

@ Goldi:  How does it look for Trump in CA?


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:51 on March 5, 2016  

I don’t know if that’s the reason or not. They seem to be systematically going after a lot of places that are not part of the industrial world be medicine, farms or ranches. Little is done about the atrocities of industrials be farming or pharmacies. The only thing they have done that Im aware of is investigate Valeant Pharma who has eased prices up to 1000 percent on vital drugs while buying boats and giving themsekves very big raises. Ie 250K to 850K


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:45 on March 5, 2016  

I hope Trump stays ahead and gets the delegates he needs before California which has a lot of delegates, about 176. Large Hispanic group where illegals can slip across the border easily plus others in sanctuary cities here and clueless people that are ” programmed” or immigrants that believe the Lies these politicians tell them. Cruz and Rubio prey on them by claiming how they came from immigrants like that’s supposed to be the reason to side with them. Governor Brown made it so people can register to vote at the DMV and illegals can get drivers licenses here.  I expect the games to begin here as well  with signs, automatic calls and if  Trump ahead may become aggressive. They might depend on it so hope there’s enough non dumbed down American voters left in other states.

moggy seems trump has a problem?

Posted by WANKA @ 20:35 on March 5, 2016  


Election news

Posted by Moggy @ 20:21 on March 5, 2016  

As of tonight the unpledged delegates are:




eeos roger that

Posted by WANKA @ 20:08 on March 5, 2016  

I sure agree. the staff seemed somewhat immature…same format time after time booring never changing etc and same hit up for money money money and message same o same how great we did as he slips further into the bowels of zool. yep management leaves some to be desired. cheers wj

My wife points the finger

Posted by eeos @ 19:58 on March 5, 2016  

At Rand’s failed campaign leaders. They always tried to sell the idea that he was young and fresh and I think a lot of people just think he’s young and inexperienced. On top of it when you try to sell the idea that a 50 year old man is young, you lose all of the vote of the younger crowd. They feel marginalized and alienated. They don’t subscribe to that model

eeos love ron paul

Posted by WANKA @ 19:04 on March 5, 2016  

and his son rand. originally began to contribute to rand’s ‘money bombs’ early on in his campaign and then seen he was going nowhere…very weak presence it seemed. every emaqil and there were bocoo many was a hit up for more money and it gets tiring especially when the candidate is going nowhere fast. started deleting them unread because no matter what they said they said the same o same. oh well he is young so to speak.

I like Ron Paul

Posted by eeos @ 17:08 on March 5, 2016  

It seems Rand would be able to pick up where his dad left off and really go for it, but somehow he fizzled.


Trumps Nightmare!

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:57 on March 5, 2016  


The Valentines Day Endorsement

Have I got a deal for you !

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:06 on March 5, 2016  


Gold has the right ingredients to rip big

Posted by eeos @ 14:59 on March 5, 2016  

elimination of cash, paper hoarders needing to convert over, negative interest rates, debt, ignorant politicians, mining environmental challenges, derivatives…..

More reasons to buy gold

Posted by Maddog @ 14:07 on March 5, 2016  

If yr sitting on large amounts of Black money in large denomination notes, which loads of EU people are, especially in Club Med areas…you ain’t gonna take ’em down the bank to change into smaller notes, as they will have to report you, yr gonna buy Gold/Silver and not worry about the price, because otherwise you lose it all.


SnG @ 11:03

Posted by Moggy @ 14:01 on March 5, 2016  

The video is educational to a degree…he explains “what.”  He fails, however, to educate people as to “how.”

Years ago I taught people attending a lecture I was giving how to release their souls from their bodies and venture into the unknown.  About 16 people attended and all but two were able to accomplish it.  On another occasion I taught a friend and a few acquaintances the same thing.   Prior to leaving NJ my friend and I discussed leaving our bodies and meeting halfway between NJ and the state to which I temporarily moved – FL.  Long story short, on a set day and time we both ventured beyond the 3rd dimension and met at the halfway point, delighted that we were able to do this.

I’m familiar with the works of Icke and think that while he distributes a lot of correct information, he also slips in disinformation.  I say this because no one should ever take the word of anyone else 100%, always seek the truth for yourself.




goldielocks……………Compounding Pharmacies

Posted by overton @ 12:37 on March 5, 2016  

the problem is there is a Compounding pharmacy scam that’s been very lucrative for medicare fraud


what happens….someone calls my elderly mother implying they are from her healthcare provider asking how she is feeling, asking her if she has been having any aches or pains.  Most people pushing 90 have some kind of pain so they are willing to talk to the person and eventually cough up their doctors name.  They send a fax to their doctor ,  he looks at the request approves it for some compounding cream with  lidocaine and prilocaine in it figuring its better than taking vicodin.   Then 3 tubes of this come in the mail and the insurance company gets billed $2500 for three tubes of this cream that you could buy at walmart for less than $10.   When you call your healthcare provider they don’t really care as medicare picks up most of the cost and with the providers discounts their losses are small compared to medicare.   Your portion of the bill ($45 in this case) never comes because it would be easy to catch them.    When you try to report fraud to medicare you insurance company dumps you into a voice recording to tell the story all over again and I never heard anything back from them.

I take this $2500 cream to her doctor and he says that he typically approves requests as patients may want a knee brace or something they read about and if he thinks it may help them he’ll approve the request.  He never see the price.   I have heard some people have been taken for $10k for similar compounded creams.

6 billion in medicare fraud in 2015…………the bads ones ruin it for everyone.   Her shipment came from Tenn and I called them and they say they are just filling prescriptions


Murdered Holistic Doctors Update. Eye opening video

Posted by silverngold @ 11:51 on March 5, 2016  
The THRIVE Movement’s Foster
Gamble interviews Erin Elizabeth
of Healthnutnews.com and
alternative health powerhouse,
Dr. Joseph Mercola (mercola.com)
about the mounting cases of the
apparent murder now of 33 holistic
Many of these were studying the
high rate of the immuno-suppressing
enzyme, nagalase found in the blood
samples of people with autism. Some
suspected that the enzyme had been
introduced into their bodies through
Foster says he’s been studying the
pattern of assassinations of various
groups for a decade, among them,
the 30 microbiologists who were
found dead under suspicious
circumstances in the early years of
this century. Most of these scientists
were working on bio-weapons for US
clandestine agencies and would have
known the inner-workings of these
secret projects, as they were smack
in the middle of them. Once their
brains had been tapped, they were
apparently offed.
Then, there’s the infamous “Clinton
Body Count”, which Gamble says has
now mushroomed to between 60-70
suspicious deaths over the past
twenty years.
Most people have also heard of the
rash of banker “suicides” starting in
2014, which numbered 72, ten
months ago (I can’t find a more
recent figure).
These were mostly middle-
management men working in their
banks’ Risk Management departments,
who may have been privy to criminal
manipulations in areas like the gold
market, the FOREX market and about
the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered
Rate) interest rate-riggings. Gamble
asserts that higher-ups manage
investigations leading up to them by
getting rid of the guys leading up to
them, in the middle tiers.
Gamble then cites Erin Elizabeth’s
own article, detailing the nearly
3,000 investigative journalists who’ve
been murdered over the past 25
years, including the publicized Michael
Hasting car “accident”.
It is known that the computerized
systems of new cars make them
vulnerable to hacking. Although the
authorities reported that there was no
evidence of foul play, a witness says
she heard an explosion, her house s
hook and her windows were rattled
by his late model Mercedes’ impact
into a palm tree, which promptly burst
into flames. His engine block was
ejected 60 yards away from the car.
These details are indicative of a car
bomb, rather than a simple car
Gamble says that these are just a few
of the many clusters of assassinations
against alternative energy engineers,
whistleblowers of vote fraud,
pedophilia rings, etc.
All agree that this is a serious issue,
which requires taking the appropriate
security precautions in one’s home and
also of networking with one another or
even doing data dumps of one’s research
on the Internet, to take the focus away
from oneself. Kimberly Gamble also
notes that “Not speaking out is equally
as dangerous” as speaking out.
Video: (20 mins):
Murdered Holistic Doctors Update

Full Video The World is Waking Up around 2016 – By David Icke

Posted by silverngold @ 11:03 on March 5, 2016  

If you will watch this video it will open your mind to how we are all being manipulated. Once you see it it will be impossible to ever be manipulated again. So I challenge you to watch this entire video and then report back. Your reality will have suddenly come alive and you will never be able to close your eyes and mind to that reality again.

Maybe Kim Jong Un will bust a gasket

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:36 on March 5, 2016  

Philippines seizes North Korean cargo ship to enforce U.N. sanctions

The Philippines said on Saturday it had seized a North Korean freighter that was covered by harsher United Nations’ sanctions against Pyongyang over its nuclear program.

Manila will also deport the vessel’s 21 North Korean crew and will await a U.N. inspection team from the United Nations, foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose said in a text message.

“In compliance with the United Nations resolution, the North Korean ship in Subic will be impounded and not allowed to leave port,” he said.

The 6,830 deadweight tonne (dwt) cargo ship Jin Teng was one of the first sanctioned North Korean ships to enter a foreign port since the tightened sanctions were passed unanimously by the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday. Thirty-one North Korean ships are on the list.

“The world is concerned over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and as a member of the UN, the Philippines has to do its part to enforce the sanctions,” said Manolo Quezon, deputy presidential spokesman told reporters.

The ship, flying a Sierra Leone flag, arrived on Feb. 27 and was unloading palm kernels.

more http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-nuclear-ship-idUSKCN0W70CN

As usual theres a lot we dont know about politicians

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:35 on March 5, 2016  

and giving them the benefit of the doubt is best left out since it encourages them.!

Ororeef: Rubio is honest? Hahaha

Posted by Moggy @ 9:41 on March 5, 2016  

Listen to this and try not to throw up:



Farmboy -What you say makes a lot of sense!

Posted by Auandag @ 9:29 on March 5, 2016  

Cheers to you too, this fine morning!

Auandag @ 23:52 Not Brain Dead As Much As Stubborn

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:19 on March 5, 2016  

Every now and then I run across someone who voted for Obama and they admit it was a huge mistake. Most of the Obamaites are just not willing to admit they made such a mistake. That they indeed, were wrong. Seems a lot of folks would rather just stay in the crowd that politely ignore the Emperor’s nakedness, rather than admit they voted for the wrong man. I will tell you that most folks that say Obama did a good job certainly dont have the enthusiasm for the man when he was running for President. Their idea of ‘Hope and Change’ vanished about as quick as sky writings. It just sorted drifted away leaving nothing. There is a new writing in the clouds today, “Make America Great Again!’ If Trump wins, I think the sky will light up with fireworks like the Fourth of July as he cleans house in Washington. Cant wait to see the daily headlines in the paper when he takes office. I think the ‘perp walks’ will begin immediately. Should be fun to watch. Unless you are one of the ‘brain dead’ ones. (grin)

Best to you on a fine saturday morning, Farmboy

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