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Pastor John Hagee=On Israel, religion and the future of CUFI

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:27 on April 24, 2015  

Last month Christians United for Israel (CUFI) – the largest pro-Israel organization in America with nearly 1.8 million members (and 1.2 million Facebook followers – 15 times as many as AIPAC) – held its ninth annual Washington Summit, with 4,800 delegates from all 50 states

. Founded in 2006, CUFI has held more than 1,700 pro-Israel events, including 260 formal “Nights to Honor Israel;” now hosts about 40 pro-Israel events a month; has a campus organization at more than 300 colleges; publishes a magazine; and run an active website. The Summit featured Prime Minister Netanyahu (on video); Ambassador Ron Dermer; five U.S. senators; former CIA director James Woolsey; columnists Charles Krauthammer, Dennis Prager, and William Kristol; several IDF members; and many others. The delegates lobbied their Congressional representatives (the principal talking point: any final deal with Iran must deny it not simply a nuclear weapon, but a “nuclear capability,” because “allowing Iran to develop all of the components of a bomb so long as they don’t put these components together is not a solution”).

I only intended to do a Night to Honor Israel one time, but because of all of the push-back that the anti-Semites gave us, I said, “There’s a real problem here that needs to be addressed.” So, I walked off the platform that night with my wife in one hand and the Consul General of Israel in the other, and I said, “We are going to have a Night to Honor Israel every year until they get used to it.”
And it got bigger and bigger, and we took it to national television, because I was on national television 37 years, and global television for 22 years, and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger and then in 2006, because of the strength of the Night to Honor Israel, we started Christians United for Israel.

Q: And have you experienced physical threats, or other threats over the last nine years?
PASTOR HAGEE: On a regular basis. That’s why I have all the security people with me, all the time. I live with them.

Q: [Your emphasis on the] failures of Christianity during the Holocaust – is that something that came from your theology, or from your parents, who would have lived through that and taught you? Where did that come from?


Ron Paul Excerpt on Vaccines

Posted by silverngold @ 22:52 on April 24, 2015  

Vaccines might obscure the visible symptoms of some diseases and allow doctors to conclude the shots are working, but a) the vaccines are actually increasing the toxic load on the body; b) the people who are vaccinated will inevitably break out with new symptoms; and c) the vaccines won’t cure the obvious reasons (listed above) for immune-system suppression.

You can’t substitute vaccines for the factors that actually strengthen immune systems. That’s a fairy tale. Dr. O’Sullivan is whistling in the dark. He needs to go back and rethink his entire education. It failed to provide him with basic facts.

The circumstances of life in which his patients find themselves are causing dire illness. There is no way around that. There is no mystery about that. There is no final medical solution for that.

The idea that doctors moving into areas where, for generations, people have lived on the margins – and making medicine substitute for the essentials of health – that notion is absurd.

“Here, son. You don’t have nutritious vegetables and protein to eat, but I’ll give you a shot in the arm.”

A fantasy. A myth.

As for people in New Zealand who do have the essentials of life – good clean food, clean water, a warm home, plus money – guess what? Unless they abuse themselves with junk food and drugs, unless they’re exposed to toxic factors in their environment (e.g., pesticides), they’re in the process of strengthening their immune systems.

They don’t need vaccines in order to ward off illness. When children get sick, they’ll undergo a full and acute inflammatory response, recover, and their immune systems will be stronger.

These matters aren’t hard to understand. They’re only made more complex by the medical system, which needs sickness to survive.

My vote for persons of year in New Zealand are all the people who understand these simplicities and are willing to stand up for them.

The attack dogs for the vaccine manufacturing complex are on the move, worldwideThey’re saying and doing whatever they can to keep populations hypnotized and walled off from the truth about vaccines. They’re trying to pass more stringent legislation eliminating vaccine exemptions. They’re aiming to coerce everyone and eliminate freedom and choice.

They’re saying, as Dr. O’Sullivan does: We’re doing this for your own good. You don’t see that, but it doesn’t matter. We do. And we’re going to take control.

Don’t let this happen. Don’t fall for it.

owe taxes, maybe not

Posted by buymore @ 21:35 on April 24, 2015  

from Zerohedge

an extensive explanation and argument as to why we do not owe federal income taxes. plus a rant on a federal judge by a very fluent woman.

Notice: salty language addressed to the judge.

One More Tasty Treat

Posted by commish @ 20:57 on April 24, 2015  

Hoax Central

Posted by commish @ 20:17 on April 24, 2015  

Chinese state media demands US be disarmed.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:11 on April 24, 2015  


ps just noticed its a 2 year old post that’s recirculated.

Canadian Schools Beck on Oil

Posted by Auandag @ 19:10 on April 24, 2015  


Richard 640

Posted by Maddog @ 16:19 on April 24, 2015  

I have the same log in prob…but on other sites as well….I think “developers/geeks” are getting very lazy.

I updated a desk top to the latest version of everything and now it won’t open some sites at all, as they only work on old versions of Java, or Adobe…etc…..one site is my data feed!!!!!!….I am now faced with deleting the latest software, while the Browser screams for the latest version…..or for the lazy bum geeks to get out of bed and do some work……..Grrrrrrrrr

‘Ave a gud ‘un.

cousin fred

Posted by treefrog @ 14:21 on April 24, 2015  


cousin fred hanging out on a blossoming pineapple, waiting for bug to show up for dinner.  fred’s from the insectivorous side of the family.

It’s getting awful tiring having to log in every time here–I click “remember me” each time but no cigar!

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:37 on April 24, 2015  

It’s not rocket science–is there no fix??

Enough for a few smackdowns

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:00 on April 24, 2015  

Venezuela carries out $1 bln gold swap with Citibank


The nightmare that never ends

Posted by Buygold @ 10:12 on April 24, 2015  

24 hr gold chart


HUI being held up by NEM for the moment.

What a joke.

-2 1/2 Billion Yikes!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:56 on April 24, 2015  

Freeport-McMoRan books significant Q1 loss on sliding commodity prices


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:25 on April 24, 2015  


The World’s Fair version of the Southern Pacific
“Daylight” train gets a diesel assist climbing
Tehachapi Pass.


Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:10 on April 24, 2015  

Newmont Announces First Quarter Operating and Financial Results


Barrick will not suspend copper mine as Zambia backs down on royalties


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 5:46 on April 24, 2015  

No doubt that the gov wanted women working which could disrupt the family’s for taxes. At the same time most the jobs women took up were woman dominated type jobs anyways. Jobs most men didn’t do then although they are now except certain retail or reception jobs. From the 80 s on you began to see more male nurses although there is still some privacy issues as do you want a male nurse undressing your  mother, wife or daughter? If your Muslim even worse  that’s a absolute no and have to take that in immediate consideration the minute they walk in the door. In some ways it helped expand things like retail as most guys hate anything that is repetition or doing the same thing over and over again. Guess that’s why you don’t see too many guys crocheting. They can’t handle that kind of pain. At the same time if you think about it as far as industrial it took wages because they began to outsource their companies. Now if it happened during a time of male work domination there would of been hell to pay. Your taking our jobs to feed our family’s where the outrage? As other things started to expand and men started infiltrating into other fields it helped absorbed part of the shock but not enough. Also in LA I noticed that many of these industrial jobs and construction were being taken over by Mexicans until that’s all you saw working there. Remember that movie by Cheech and Chong where industrial got raided and he hid in a stuffed animal  rounding up illegals? That’s what was happening then. That also thanks to not securing borders helped keep wages down but at the same time inflation by reality not their numbers that don’t reflect total cost of living , wages did not keep up with cost of living, however I remember starting out making minimum wage and it is untrue you couldn’t  afford all that was said on minimum wage, you could not afford a car payment plus everything else on minimum wage but perhaps that depended on where you lived. You couldn’t  afford a house either even if you made a little more than that you had to make a lot more than that. When women were working it did not interfere in men’s wages as their jobs were different for the most part. The wage difference was much wider. Women joked their job helped pay their husbands taxes. It did not appear to make a difference until mass immigration and outsourcing. However what they did do is raise the price of everything then pulled the rug under the men’s jobs making things worse because now wages lost or lowered  and costs up. PS back in the 80s there was a time you couldn’t give your house away, similar to what happened in 08 as jobs dissapearing. There were people who never recovered from that either.

Auandag @ 23:42. Thanks for posting that item. It struck me as a breath of fresh air and

Posted by Equisetum @ 0:44 on April 24, 2015  

the most optimistic development I have heard in a long time.  I hope we all get to benefit from this new attempt to have an honest global market in physical gold, silver and platinum, and I wish the organizers of this new initiative success in their business plan.

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