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Posted by goldielocks @ 2:44 on July 10, 2024  


There are righteous people in law moving forward and more needs to be done for states rights to protect against tyrants and racketeering but this

Chevron decision by the supreme Court will cause challenges to these departments like EPA and department of interior who do not allow their decisions or so called experts  to be challenged

Perhaps they should do their job and protect the environment from chemtrails and toxic dumping and coming to us next spent EV batteries. I bet if they found copper and lithium they’d be signing another tune…that is not clean energy by the same standard’s…

The Supreme Court on Friday threw into question the future of climate and environmental regulation in the United States, scrapping a decades-old legal precedent that gave federal agencies leeway to interpret laws according to their expertise and scientific evidence. The impact of the decision to scrap the so-called Chevron deference will take years to become clear, but it could allow for far more legal challenges against regulations by agencies like the EPA and the Department of the Interior that have a huge role in the climate fight.

Federal courts have long deferred to federal agencies to interpret laws that are unclear and need further clarification. In 1984, a shorthanded Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that federal agencies have the final say on ambiguous policies, which allowed those agencies broad authority to make decisions without fear of judicial override.



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.