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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:10 on July 6, 2024  

Google did Biden have a panic attack? The story has clues like you don’t treat a panic attack as a heart attack less it turned out to be one. Ie your don’t control panic attacks with blockers that help control tachycardia ” fast heart rate’ or put them on blood thinners to control them. Panic attacks last for a few minutes but could mimic a heart attack including chest pain and should always be checked. They don’t as far as I know have earlier chest pain not that it discounts a heart attack or travel beyond the chest like arm back or jaw. You should never guess though. Guessing in medicine without verification is one of the biggest causes of errors.


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:46 on July 6, 2024  

I wouldn’t be surprised … but who knows?

Maybe they’ll jab him with a poisoned umbrella and claim the Russians did it!


Posted by Buygold @ 19:39 on July 6, 2024  

Do you think they intend for him to pass away soon?

It’s almost like he’s not sort of “with it” enough to experience a panic attack.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:02 on July 6, 2024  

Thanks for that unexpected reply. I wasn’t aware that Reagan was behind any out sourcing. My grandmother on my mom’s side knew him but she never talked politics although she was aware of the dark side of politics it probably wouldn’t of gave me a positive picture of a future although a warning may of helped or not I don’t know.

Woman do not thrive well in a negative environment and probably why you don’t see any woman here and most left as far as posting anyway. I don’t either but I just learned to tolerate it, up to a point anyways. Growing up around military they seem to thrive on it. Men in general but particularly military. Like pitbulls, you can be having a nice day like floating down the river once with a close friend in a boat 10 yrs in military army and air force vet with another friend a professional scuba diver non military who had come down with MS and since sadly passed away  after a long many year battle. Then some fat guy in another boast was throwing water at us around 4 th of July and lots of water fights in play going on with the young . My friend already told that guy and not a kid we aren’t playing the younger kids games.So the fat guy jumps in water near our boat and just when I was absorbing the fact I was being drenched with cold water my friend already threw his can of beer at the guy and it was on. It knocked his expensive sum glasses off. The fat guy was trying to go up strean to shore to get away from him. So my friend stopped at a little island to wait for him to pass and they both started getting drunk so after awhile  they had me  get back in the boat first  but after their beers I had to get out and help them in and push them off calling them city boys which they were country so I was kinda mad at them since we weren’t wearing life jacket and told them if they fell out there gonna be heavy as hell for me to get them back in. Later his mom who heard about it and wasn’t happy, said I was brave to go out in the river with those drunks. So there went a nice day down the river. Then because one friend has MS we had to avoid rapids to no fault of his,  the only fun part.

That’s why I’m really surprised any woman would vote for the swamp no matter how abrasive they see Trump as, just close their ears. But anyways it’s not good for them, they function better without it even if they can do well maybe even better under stress, just in a different way. They can be a better shot more often they found  but just not as fast.I guess only 50-50 at best with choosing leaders.

One good thing Trump gave them and all the people who are awake is the fake news and swamp. They no longer have to feel they’re not patriotic if they don’t agree or even against what they’re doing.

Basically the swamp has turned into the middle man where they profit on both sides at our expense.




Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:24 on July 6, 2024  

Thank you for those thought provoking comebacks. I agree. Thank God we finally have one of us, Donald J Trump, making trouble for these lame brained pro global pro foreign dumb as a stump idiot leftists that somehow, some way, took over our country.

Bidin, I heard said he’s president of the world.  Right the puppet president of the world, controlled by dumb spoiled Europeans,  just like all the other useless presidents we went thru. I supported JFK until they killed him.

So I never voted again until Ross Perot ran. He also wanted to take our country back. Our global deep state pro foreign gov’t did not want him to get in, I remember that. Everybody I remember loved Ron Reagon, ’81 to ’89, but all our jobs we just given away more than ever during him.

I remember reading in the Spotlight, he was doing good in the primaries, so he was approached by some group, that said, they would finance his campaign, if he took George Bush as a running mate. And he took the bait. Bush was the real president.

And imo? Joe McCarthy was right. The low moral communists were getting themselves in high places. They totally ruined a nice conservative nation, that was not allowed to see Elvis below the waste when he performed.

Then the promoted the womans liberation movement to double the workforce, to get more taxes. Then promoted sex drugs and alcohol, and started all the woman working with men which started a HUGE cheating mess. Millions of divorces, and single moms everywhere, who I had deep sympathy for in the 1970s.

A 7.5% increase …

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:46 on July 6, 2024  

… in gold’s open interest produced a 1.5% increase in price yesterday. (it should have been up multiples of this)

Metals Daily Exchange Volume & Open Interest – CME Group

Where in the f*ck are the regulators?

Hope the Chinese step up to the plate again because the cabal has drawn a line at $2400 obviously.

No mas in their rigged electronic Mexican standoff.



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:36 on July 6, 2024  

Today, Joe Biden had what’s being described as a panic attack with tachycardia (HR was ~160) and he experienced a brief episode of AFib. He was given Metoprolol, plus a blood thinner by IV and oxygen by nasal cannula.


Iranian reformist Masoud Pezeshkian wins presidential election

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:34 on July 6, 2024  

Victor promises to ease hardline laws, but supports Khamenei and says he wants good ties with ‘all countries except Israel’; turnout at 49.8%, with 600,000 spoiled ballots

Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian won Iran’s runoff presidential election, it was announced early Saturday, besting hard-liner Saeed Jalili by promising to reach out to the West and ease enforcement on the country’s mandatory headscarf law after years of sanctions and protests squeezing the Islamic Republic.

Pezeshkian promised no radical changes to Iran’s Shiite theocracy in his campaign and long has held Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the final arbiter of all matters of state in the country.

He will also not lead change in Iran’s contentious relations with Israel, saying after he voted on Friday that should he win, he would “try to have friendly relations with all countries except Israel.”

But even Pezeshkian’s other modest aims will be challenged by an Iranian government still largely held by hard-liners.


Poll Results … and I’d like everyone to offer a prayer … Please God No Kamala!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:57 on July 6, 2024  

Will Dementia Joe be the Democrat’s candidate for President?

No (67%, 18 Votes)
I have no clue (19%, 5 Votes)
Yes (15%, 4 Votes)
Total Voters: 27

Falkland troubles again?

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:43 on July 6, 2024  

Falkland tensions explode as Argentina ‘rejects illegal British action’ in the Islands

Argentina has reacted with fury to the move and has threatened serious consequences if the UK proceeds with its plans to drill for oil.


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