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Posted by Maddog @ 15:09 on July 9, 2024  

Re France

Even though the Far Left won tks to Proportional Representation, there is no out right majority , so to get anything past or to have a government, 2 of the 3 parties have to vote/work together, as no-one will work with Le Pen, it is just the Far left and what is left of Macrons crew …and the odds of them working together are damn near zilch as well….it looks like utter chaos…..but in fact nothing will happen ….Belgium had a 3 or 5 year period like that, where no majority could be arranged and in fact life was great…as nothing changed…..I remember buying cigarettes there for like 50 % or less than the UK, because taxes had not been raised,…….

I note French Bond rates have barely changed…….

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