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Posted by goldielocks @ 17:46 on February 10, 2024  

Join the club. California can easily flip though, that’s why they need migrants and illegals. The majority of demos are in the most populated  inner city’s with migrants, minorities capitalizing off Identity politics and crime pays, white idiots with nothing useful to do or say also capitalizing by playing the great white hopes trying to make themselves relevant stirring up trouble making things up as they go along ,  have noting useful to say but like they discovered antibiotics.                                    Even everyday people know one size don’t fit all, but their playing that game even in medicine which has apparently lowered their standards ie vaccines and all of Covid. Fortunately real medicine could prove  ” one size doesn’t fit all” .Ie treatments or medicine. Somebody’s trying to cheat on another field where only knowing a little bit about it but not enough, so settle for one size fits all while threatening all these doctors and experts that do. Back to Covid. Simple minded thinking.

It would be too complicated for them to figure out who shouldn’t have a gun and who can so nobody can.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.