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Looks like Joe Dementia, has been thrown under the Bus….who replaces him …..Gruesome or Big Mike

Posted by Maddog @ 18:43 on February 11, 2024  

Even the NY Slimes, has abandonned him….but what about Hellary….as this must be her last chance….


That would be something!

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:14 on February 11, 2024  

For The First Time Ever, Poll Shows Le Pen Winning French Presidency In The Second Round


Digital ID and crypto

Posted by goldielocks @ 3:14 on February 11, 2024  

All these different cryptos across the world to deal with  to control and rip you off, hacking and making things complicated depending on electricity and computers is going to be a clusterbuck.

Hopefully Trump can get Congress to put in cement that no matter what they come up with they cannot eliminate the cash in dollars.


Taibbi interview from Fox

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:13 on February 11, 2024  

Good to see the younger crowd starting to pay attention. They need to be paying attention and filtering out both sides. Demoncraps are obvious but the some of the do nothing or rinos are not so obvious and just as detrimental either siding with them or doing nothing.

They are going as one person put it state to state like a territory taking over like they did to Minnesota and Texas targeting and the Republicans just walk away and not even a attempt to get it back.                                                              It’s not just about voting, it’s not gonna solve the problem when one state after the next is being taken over till there’s nothing left to vote for.  Even preparing while the Dems are always out in full force or defending their own and letting them get picked off one by one. It will be their own fault.

Anyways Taibbi dives deeper within the matrix.                                                               I’m struggling with the prospect of going silent. I’ve been warned about being shadow banned and followed and to be very careful who I talk to that may not be who I think I’m talking to and not to open any links that I’m not sure if it’s a real link.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.