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Fer da halibut

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:14 on October 10, 2022  

USD Double Top & A Rally For Gold?


Let Them Fight It Out

Posted by commish @ 16:41 on October 10, 2022  

Leader Ukraine Armed Forces wears a diamond swastika bracelet.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on October 10, 2022  

Nice to see us with a small loss and quite a few green issues with gold being blasted!

I hope it means something!

Buygold, IMO it’s the old Razzle Dazzle football play designed to confuse, and as long as they don’t fumble the ball it works.

Posted by silverngold @ 16:00 on October 10, 2022  

With ETF’s they can make any stock or commodity do whatever they want it to do whenever they want it to do it. You used to be able to use volume in the shares  as a clue to future direction but now with so many wash trades it seems volume is useless…..but with ETF’s, any ETF’s, IMO they create a huge slush fund that the computers like Aladdin can  be programed  to make the shares of anything do whatever the banks and brokerages want them to do.  So if gold goes up, silver goes down, and if the PM stock shares go up, both gold and silver phyz go down. or one up and one down….and since there appears to be no oversight, and as stated previously, Blackrock  now makes 80% of stock market trades daily in the US. ….and IMO that is due to them owning more than 50% of over 9000 ETF’s now in existence. That makes one hell of a large slush fund to steer the markets to wherever they want them to go. Razzle Dazzle, but they are gonna fumble!!

Update on Russia’s response to bridge sabotage…

Posted by old-timer @ 15:23 on October 10, 2022  

From Pepe Escobar, via Vineyard of the Saker.


@ Ipso facto Roger that info thanks.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:08 on October 10, 2022  

Something strange going on, I see some green PMs over here. Some kind of rotation started going on, maybe USD starting to roll over. It peaked with high volume 9/27. The past 3-4 trading days may have been a simple bounce. Same deal with the 10 year rate.

May start dropping. The rates may have started climbing on their own, (bond sales by investors) naturally, but the Fed may be following rates higher and acting like or making believe they are in control of everything, which they are not imo. They WERE fighting a deflation.

May be a good time to short Oil via SCO, and maybe I’ll sell the TZA up 13% $248 from 10/4 for me, and double my long Silver AGQ down 10% $248. Strange how they are both washing each other out today. “Target practice” LOL.

Semiconductor short up 10% today. Its down about 99% past 5 years but gaining volume since January. Same with short techs up 5% and growing volume since Jan. There must be millions of very disappointed long term bulls that just kept plowing new funds into those shares. They are all getting the classic PMs treatment for a change.

FYI I just did it. Sold the winner TZA doubled the AGQ loser. Just trying to guess what the heavy margined futures gamblers are betting/voting prices, its a joke out there. People buying and selling NOTHING at all but a short term opinion. Doubling the shares make a 10% loss into a 5% loss. That huge Silver jump on 10/3 was probably futures gambles covering shorts and making their losses bigger on themselves. Booking losses.



Posted by Buygold @ 13:46 on October 10, 2022  

That’s what it looks like. Seems like they’d need China and Russia onboard with those plans as they’ll need them to accept the new crypto.

Couldn’t agree more with you about trying to confuse investors.

The shares are holding up OK today considering the beatdown in the metals. Normally that would seem bullish to me but I’m the one who is confused. 🙂

Mr.Copper @ 12:29

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:54 on October 10, 2022  

I follow them a bit. They seem to be pretty successful as juniors go. They’re proving up a lot of ounces. Nice location, pretty big market cap vs very little production at this point but more in the future. A play on the POG.

@ ipso facto Who’s The New Kid On The Block? IAUX, i-80 Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:29 on October 10, 2022  

I see you go thru all the miners every day. I assume you know about this one? I never heard of it. Fairly new, charts don’t go back too far on it. Looks to be a new USA mine. Or IPO? Back in November. Up 6% today. Latest news Oct 5th. I guess I’ll watch it for a while.



Ever Since 1970 When Americans Ate The Apple Of Imported Cars

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:48 on October 10, 2022  

Up has been down, good has been bad, right has been wrong. What ever was normal was converted to abnormal. Whatever was abnormal was converted to normal. US budget surpluses were changed to deficits. High living standards for entry level employees, was changed to low living standards. We now have a “working poor” sector. Henrey Ford created the USA middle class.

He never would have had his cars made in Japan. He didn’t live there. Then came the imported TV sets. What are we? A bunch of imbeciles? We could have nipped it in the bud if we avoided that first Volkswagen, the Toyota. It goes to show you the priorities of US leadership. But its all ok now. All that nonsense is all coming to a head.

I don’t care HOW allegedly inferior an American car is made. I’ll sacrifice for my country, and stick with Ford or Chevy. Unfortunately even they are probably infected with Japanese and Chinese parts.

P.S. Gold Eagles are still over $1800 at $1857 today. So that COMEX futures price of $1672 is B/S.

The new 2021 type 2 Eagles are $1907.

Silver Eagles $37 COMEX Futures $19.65, 88% over spot?? OPEC was right, the futures markets are broken.

Richard640, Maddog, Buygold

Posted by silverngold @ 10:57 on October 10, 2022  

Ever since Derivatives took hold, up has been down, good has been bad, right has been wrong, truth has been lie etc. IMO that was their intended purpose; cause as much chaos and confusion as possible to upset investor emotions so they no longer have a clue and don’t know what to do,  because nothing makes sense. Once the world is in total chaos, pull the plug on the Derivatives (delist), and at the same time save the world by introducing the new world digital crypto type systems based on your good and obedient behavior… or you’ll own nothing….. but I’m not so sure you’ll be happy!


Nothing but good news out there…so keep on dumping PM’s….u know it’s a winner….

Posted by Maddog @ 10:54 on October 10, 2022  

BoE’s New Support Plan Fails As UK Gilt Yields Explode Higher



Posted by Maddog @ 10:35 on October 10, 2022  

I see these times as the dieing days of the Globalists…..they are out on their own….U have the Davos crowd versus everyone else and everyone else, which just happens to be @ 5.5 billion people, have no interest in what Davos has planned.

R640, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 10:12 on October 10, 2022  

R6 – yeah, we used to joke and now like you said, there’s fear of a nuclear war and gold goes down.

Maddog – I’m starting to believe this is the intentional destruction of the world economies in the west. Maybe there will be some sort of financial reset ushering in the global bitcoin type crypto. I have no idea where gold will fit in, probably nowhere.

Even as we come back a little, as soon as the shares go positive they are beaten back down.


Posted by Maddog @ 10:11 on October 10, 2022  

The only reason Gold went into a swoon, is because most punters are trained nowadays to expect a drop after any rally…for Gold to be dropping, just as Russia scales up it’s reaction….is a sick joke,,,yet again

of course the drop is engineered by the scum…..

Oh Dear……

Posted by Maddog @ 9:55 on October 10, 2022  

“It’s Extraordinary” – BoE Unveils New Support For Broken Bond Market



Posted by Richard640 @ 9:53 on October 10, 2022  

“Shortly before market closed, a trader bet that VIX could increase to 150 by late March. Through a series of block trades, 

the trader-most likely one person, according to market participants- bought 50,000 call options, paying $950,000.”


Posted by Maddog @ 9:50 on October 10, 2022  

Re the debt Waterfall

Yup I would guess that the losses sitting in various Funds, especially some pension funds are ruinous…..Yet again the insanity of the whole Euro project is blowing up…..the silence is relatively ominous…hardly any one is talking about it…which means it is a horror story.

BUYGOLD—I dunno–remember how we always joked about maybe gold would soar

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:50 on October 10, 2022  

if there was a nuke attack on the U.S.?  Now Armageddon talk is in the air…and gold goes into a swoon…Jeezo!!!

R640 maybe

Posted by Buygold @ 9:31 on October 10, 2022  

maybe gold will go to its true value when

Image result for When pig Flying. Size: 182 x 170. Source: www.pinterest.com


Eeos This sums it up

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:30 on October 10, 2022  

Eeos 8:54

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:17 on October 10, 2022  

This is what happens when you try to cater to mental illnesses and treat the reasoning of those afflicted with them as a reality that everyone around them must adapt to and accept.
It’s gone beyond that to promoting it now to make money off it. It’s plain sick. There’s one example of why children should be protected from mental illness by people who would make them think it is real when it’s not any more than men can have baby’s.
It doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong to try to make people affected with such illnesses feel loved and accepted on a personal level.
But it doesn’t mean you promote it to children that fantasies are reality or that everyone’s perceptions of themselves or reality are accurate or true.
It’s good to teach kindness but to recognize it’s still a illness.
But that’s not what they’re doing, they’re up to no good. Especially now there’s so many fatherless children they would prey upon.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:01 on October 10, 2022  

New Gold Announces Receipt of the New Afton C-Zone Mines Act Permit


Veladero, Barrick’s joint venture in Argentina, continues to explore and strengthen its partnership with the community


Scottie Resources Announces Closing of Oversubscribed $3.2 Million Private Placement


buy gold–maybe stocks do collapse and gold gets crushed for the final bottom before an epic bull run…

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:58 on October 10, 2022  

The Debt Waterfall Event



We are facing a Sovereign Debt Crisis and the mismanagement of the ECB in moving interest rates to negative in 2014 is now coming back to haunt Europe.  All our models have been projecting this Waterfall Event in sovereign debt. Even the risk models on Germany’s government debt market used by hedgers exploded last week to levels that are even higher than recorded risk level of the 2008 financial crisis.

This coming week looks to be highly volatile. Margin calls last week forced the liquidation of derivatives positions held by most banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. Those who have been totally blindsided by the rise in interest rates following the standard fundamental analysis that is just opinion. The derivatives that have been used to protect their portfolios against falling interest rates have come back to bite them really hard.  There are serious losses now in Europe as the fundamental hedges have blown up in the face.

We simply have a crop of the worst possible leaders in charge of western economies. The financial markets led by the fundamentalists never saw this coming whereby the spread between German Bunds and interest rate swaps exceeded the record highs of 2008.

The euro derivatives market has virtually collapsed following the waterfall in the British gilt market. The Bank of England jumped in to buy up 50 billion pounds of bonds trying to save the market. We have a Panic Cycle in Britain this week and the fiscal mismanagement of government in the West is beyond belief,

This proxy war against Russia is breaking the banks of the West. The US dumped in $150 billion for weapons support and then an additional $50 billion every month just to keep Ukraine afloat. They may think that they can conquer Russia, but in the process, they are undermining the entire Western economy between shortages, sanctions, and reckless spending handing Ukraine insane amounts of money without any accountability.
So be mindful of this coming week. We have been in a serious Waterfall event that is no joke.

Rich Scott

Goldilocks gender identity is sweeping the nations schools

Posted by eeos @ 8:54 on October 10, 2022  

when you have cross-dressing parents,leftist teachers in the class promoting bio-diversity, and kids that are screwed up from the pandemic you get to taste the skittles rainbow shite! Denver is the land of fruitcakes

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