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Must read for Canadians

Posted by igold @ 21:48 on October 24, 2021  

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Finally raining in California to find out what they have to wear

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at Dutch Bro’s the poring rain. What ever happened to speakers?
Do they deserve a bigger tip? Yep

Got this from a friend….FWIW: Let The Islamitization Begin. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Posted by silverngold @ 11:10 on October 24, 2021  
Front Page Mag: Daniel Greenfield:
The skies over Sparta have never been as busy as when the Biden administration decided to dispatch 13,000 Afghans, including at least one pedophile, to Wisconsin.
Sparta, a small town of less than ten thousand souls, whose claim to fame is being the “Bicycling Capital of America”, could only watch as a population of Afghans outnumbering its own population created a new Afghanistan on the premises of Fort McCoy.
None of the Afghans at Fort McCoy have a Special Immigrant Visa. Biden left the SIV visa holders behind in Afghanistan. The Afghans who have overrun the Wisconsin base are the ones whom the Taliban, for their own reasons, decided to allow through their checkpoints.
And they’re living up to the high cultural standards of the Taliban.
The problems began with the toilets. Then there were issues with the rice, the sexual abuse of young boys, and Afghans simply leaving on their own despite promises of taxpayer cash.
“Afghans were confused and upset by hygiene practices,” a Wall Street Journal article described. “Every toilet on base was Western style, with a seat and toilet paper. But a number of Afghans are accustomed to restrooms that allow them to squat so they don’t have to physically touch the toilet. It led to some cases of Afghans relieving themselves outside.”
This shouldn’t have surprised anyone after two decades in Afghanistan. But political correctness has mostly suppressed accounts of even the most basic facts about the beneficiaries of our great nation building project leaving Americans confused by the behavior of the new arrivals.
A Czech journal article from the Department of Military Hygiene noted that Afghan “people in rural areas were found to defecate almost everywhere according to convenience. It is important to observe that particularly the rural population does not know or does not use toilet paper.”
More accurately, Islamic law is held by some authorities to ban the use of toilet paper.
“You should consider very carefully shaking hands during the contact with the local population,” the journal article warned. Unfortunately their local population is now our local population.
An account of the toilet practices of the defunct Afghan National Army described how our soldiers were forced to “share their toilet with the ANA, as they had been ordered to do by their commanding officers” to win their “hearts and minds”.
 Unfortunately “it was the custom of the ANA to wipe themselves with their hands, smear their excrement on the walls of the toilet, and rinse their hands in the sink, which left the sinks reeking.”
While great care is taken by Muslims to keep their clothes clean so that they are not “impure” during prayers, bathrooms can be left in a horrifying state because they’re already unclean.
Muslim tradition teaches that toilets are possessed by demons and as a result followers of the religion may be reluctant to make contact with them because they have been taught that “Satan plays with the backsides of the sons of Adam”. Islamic teachings encourage squat toilets and forbid men to urinate standing up because Mohammed “only ever used to urinate sitting down.”
At Kandahar Air Base, the toilets were segregated because, as an officer noted, “When they use our port-a-potties, they stand on the seats and it causes quite a mess. I think it’s just a cultural thing.”
Although when dealing with a group where “90% of the population are infected by a parasitic disease” and which routinely goes around with fecal matters on its hands, it is an issue.
Democrats insist that 2-year-olds should wear masks, yet invite in a population that doesn’t understand the concepts of toilets, toilet paper, or disease transmission.  But the toilets were the least of the problems at Fort McCoy.
The Afghans, who had supposedly just been saved from death, didn’t like American food.  American rice was “swapped for basmati rice. New spices, hummus and dates were added to the chow hall’s menu” which was entirely Halal. Basmati rice is one of the most expensive varieties of rice available, but nothing was too good for the endlessly complaining arrivals.
While the Afghans were complaining to reporters about “hard rice”, personnel at Fort McCoy were complaining about “multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families.” This wasn’t too surprising since the child marriage in Afghanistan stands at 57%. Like toilets, it’s a “cultural thing”.
While no action was taken on those cases, Bahrullah Noori, an Afghan refugee, was arrested for trying to undress a 14-year-old boy and behaving inappropriately with a 12-year-old boy.
Mohammad Haroon Imaad was also arrested after his wife accused him of choking her. He had also allegedly threatened to “send her back to Afghanistan where the Taliban could deal with her” and also told her “that nine women have been killed since getting to Fort McCoy and that she would be the tenth.”
An estimated 87% of Afghani women face domestic violence.
….. choking women is just another Afghan cultural thing.
General Glen VanHerck however visited Fort McCoy and assured reporters that the enlightened Afghans were much more law-abiding than the racist Americans.
I’ve done some research and how that compares to populations across the United States,” VanHerck declared. “For example, in six weeks in Operation Allies Welcome, in a population of 53,000, there have been eight reported cases of robbery and theft.”
VanHerck neglected to Google the statistics for assaulting children and women. Or to note that this isn’t a measure of Afghans having lower crime rates than Americans, but a much lower willingness to report crimes to infidels who don’t resolve problems with the use of Islamic law.
“And how long are the Afghans going to be on U.S. military bases?” the FOX News correspondent asked.
“We’re prepared to be here as long as we need to conduct this mission,” VanHerck replied. “We’ll be ready if we need to support through the winter months and into the spring.”  If only there had been the same sort of commitment to getting Americans out of Afghanistan.
Forget the ‘Forever War’ and get ready for the ‘Forever Refugees’.
VanHerck claimed that the Afghans at Fort McCoy “are appreciative of our support and eager to begin their lives in America.”They’re so eager that they’re just leaving.
Some 700 Afghans have left bases like McCoy despite promises of free taxpayer cash if they just stay and wait to be resettled. The deserting Afghans are upsetting the Biden administration, not because it’s concerned about potential terror threats from the refugees, but because it makes it harder for its refugee resettlement allies to cash in on every single Afghan. And it interferes with their plot to alter demographics in red states by resettling Afghans in the South.
Meanwhile Fort McCoy is near capacity. American soldiers are back to patrolling Afghan streets and trying to win their hearts and minds by asking them to use toilets and not to abuse their women and children. But the scenes of American soldiers trying to keep the peace among Afghans and communicate American values to them, are no longer taking place in Kandahar, but in Wisconsin, and other states with the misfortune of housing Afghans.
It’s almost as if we never actually withdrew from Afghanistan.
Americans are —
– funding three Halal meals a day for tens of thousands of Afghans;
– our bases are full of mosques;
– our soldiers are trying to keep Afghans from killing and abusing each other,
– we are on the hook for every dollar in welfare spending lavished on the Afghans.
– As the Afghans leave Fort McCoy, the occupation of America will begin.
– Biden didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan.
– He brought Afghanistan to America.

I wonder about this too. Seems like GLD & SLV slowed down with the ETF’s

Posted by Buygold @ 10:08 on October 24, 2021  

Luongo: Is The Bitcoin ETF “A Trap”?

teaser image

So Tuesday October 19th, 2021 was supposed to be the day that changed everything for bitcoin

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:49 on October 24, 2021  

The ‘Empire Builder’ at Wisconsin Dells



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Why lol ???

Posted by goldielocks @ 2:44 on October 24, 2021  

Even Fox News is using propaganda about the vax putting people on that say it’s safe in deceiving ways like saying you don’t need masks in school if your vaccinated and they’re talking about when they plan vaccinate the kids next.
Maybe these arse holes think the parents will fall for it being stupid enough to think oh gee if I vaccinate my kid with this clot shot that doesn’t work anyways and isn’t safe or tested other than on mandated humans planning on doing it to kids who most don’t need protection from it in the first place next he or she won’t have to wear a mask like that’s the only issue they’re concerned about!! Propaganda and stupid propaganda at that.

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