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Exchange Stabilization Fund

Posted by drb2 @ 22:38 on July 13, 2015  

When I read the Reader Comments (below) on a Silver Doc article, I reflected on how little is ever heard about this “Exchange Stabilization Fund”.

When was the last time it was ever mentioned on CNBC or any other MSN.
No oversight.   No publicity.   No accident.
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Because its so secret, the activity’s of the giant Exchange Stabilization Fund, are not known by the public. Whoever controls this fund, my thinking is that it is Jack Lew, is probably one of the most powerful men in the world. It would be natural, for China to accuse the US, and Jack lew, of being involved in pricking the chinese stock market bubble. You have to ask yourself, does the pricking of the Chinese stock bubble help the US? How much? If its a lot, then probably the ESF is involved. The ESF enters all markets and controls them in the interest of the US government. They are also involved in pm manipulation. Anyone who acts as an agent for the ESF is excempt for the rule of law. Any bank who acts an agent for the ESF is excempt from all criminal prosecution. It explains a lot. Any covert project that the Treasury Dept or the President wishes to involve himself with can be covered by using the ESF. Whether it is the Secret Space Program, or Covert CIA or alphabet soup agency’s or sabotauging global stock markets. Its all opaque. There is no oversite. It does not exist as far as the law is concerned. The most powerful man in the world controls this fund. Period.

You will never hear a politician discuss this fund. It does not exist.

  • @pollokeeper …Exactly right, the ESF is controlled by the Treasury Dept with zero oversight from Congress or anyone. Think about this: Romney could have won the election if he had committed to naming Ron Paul his Treasury Sec., but he wouldn’t/couldn’t do it. Dr. Paul would not have played ball with TPTB re the ESF.


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