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How quickly we forget

Posted by silverngold @ 22:58 on September 10, 2014  

Everybody seems to be waiting for the bottom but the bottom in silver and gold has been in since June 2013 with a retest in December 2013.

As of today gold is 6% off its bottom and silver is 4.5% off its bottom.

The bottom in the HUI has been in since December 2013 and as of today’s close it is up 17% from its bottom.

My buy and hold core portfolio, which consists mainly of Sentry Select Primary and Precious Metals funds, is up 42% from its lows in December 2013.

So the bottom has been in for 9 months, long enough to make and deliver a baby, but instead of awaiting the birth of the baby everybody is still awaiting the bottom. LOL!!! No wonder nobody can hear the fat lady sing. She sang back in December 2013 but nobody was listening.

So here again are my calls: Gold $2300 by November 2015; Silver $51.50 by November 2015;  HUI 1,000 by November 2015.

What is going to light the fuse to accomplish those PO’s?? No clue, but I’ll be riding in the rocket, not left behind wondering when the bottom is in. LOL!!  Best of Luck to All.  Silverngold


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.