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Posted by Deadeye @ 23:16 on August 13, 2014  

I find little to argue with in Tyler’s article. All wells decline and shale oil fract. wells are the worse. There are hundreds of thousands of locations where shale oil wells can be made at several million cost for each one. In building up production there is a point that one can not drill new wells fast enough to replace the decline of your older ones. On the other hand some wells I drilled last almost forever. I have some wells that are producing about the same as they were in late 1950s. In Deadeye Chronicles, I still get a monthly check from the first well I described. Originally it paid me about $900 a month and this month’s check was still $527. But then some well only last a few years. I get some checks from shale oil wells that others drilled. I missed out on about 80 others due to the timing of leases that  expired. Unbelievable but I never drilled or promoted a horizontal well. A little late in my career when they became popular and sellable.  No real regrets as I simply did the best I could  – at times working 16 hr. days, 7 days a week and some holidays – a pure workaholic that I called “making hay while the sun shined” But the work was fun. I simply forgot all the bad stuff, mud, freezing rain and many disappoints in my fair share of dry holes. Today dryholes are almost unheard of – that would be fun too. Goodnight. Deadeye

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